Glee Songs For December 2, Season 1 Episode 12 ‘Mattress’

Glee Songs For 12-02-09, Episode 12 ‘Mattress’

Land of Punt figured out why last week’s Glee was subpar, too much New Directions. While the kids are great performers, they don’t (apart from Rachel and Finn) bring the funny.

This week’s episode featured more Sue Sylvester (“It’s like looking at a porno star in a nun’s habit”) as well as Emma Pillsbury, Ken Tanaka and Principal Figgins. They added a much needed lift to the program especially during an episode where Will Schuester was consumed by relationship problems.

While preparing to get their photograph taken for the yearbook, Rachel and Finn sang Lilly Allen’s “Smile.” Finn sounded exceptionally well but Rachel not so much. The pop song lacked the quality to sufficiently show off Rachel’s immense talent. Nonetheless, Rachel still sounded better than L.A.

Later, Rachel lands New Directions a spot in mattress commercial (thus the show’s title). For the commercial, the troupe performed a rousing rendition of Van Halen’s “Jump.” As they sang “Jump” the kids “jumped” on mattresses. Lop loved the symmetry and that’s why it’s one of Land of Punt’s favorite all-time Glee numbers.

For the “Jump” number, the entire club was dressed in pajamas but sadly there were no good shots of Brittany. What a waste!

The episode’s big reveal was Will learning that his wife, Terri, was faking her pregnancy. LOP is completely indifferent about the entire ordeal.

The show’s finale was Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile.” The performance was solid but not overwhelming. Nonetheless, it was typically “Glee,” tender, maudlin, and wrenching all at the same time.

Next week is the Glee Fall Finale.

“Smile” by Lilly Allen
“Jump” by Van Halen
“Smile” by Charlie Chaplin

Lilly Allen’s “Smile”


Charlie Chaplin’s “Smile”

12-16-09 19:04

Glee received Golden Globe nominations for Best Comedy/Musical, for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy/Musical (Matthew Morrison) and Best Lead Actress in a Comedy/Musical (Lea Michele).

The 67th Golden Globe Awards, hosted by Ricky Gervais, will be broadcasted on NBC on Jan. 17.

In other Glee news, Cory Monteith (Finn) used his twitter account to promote a YouTube video of Manny Garcia, a burgeoning San Francisco-based singer. Garcia did a mash-up of “True Colors” and “Defying Gravity.” Monetith sent a tweet to his 75,000 followers with the word “props” attached to the video’s link. At press time, Garcia’s YouTube video had nearly 25,000 views and scores of positive comments.

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