Television: 10 Things To Be Thankful About

Television: 10 Things To Be Thankful About

Generally, when we sit down for turkey dinner on Thanksgiving we give thanks for family, friends and good health. But secretively, we are thanking our great fortune for living in the era of the television, the greatest invention ever in the history of the universe.

In that vain, Land of Punt has complied of list of 10 things to be thankful about when it comes to good old tube. Narrowing the list to 10 was quite an arduous task as there are at least 83 things to be thankful about when it comes to TV. In fact, our list doesn’t even include one mention of The Mentalist!


How can the USA Network and NBC be owned by the same company? As bad as NBC is the USA Network is just as good. Led by the absolutely wonderful Burn Notice, USA Network has a slew of solid shows packed with great characters and intelligence (are you listening NBC?). Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Psych, In Plain Sight, Royal Pains, and White Collar comprise the network’s roster of original shows. As for syndication, the USA Network airs repeats of NCIS, House and Law and Order: SVU. The departure of Monk has us sad and depressed. We will miss the defective detective.


You have to love a show set in an era when you could smoke anywhere and speak down to women. Those were the days. There’s no one cooler on television than Don Draper or handsomer than Jon Hamm (for the uninitiated, Draper is the character and Hamm is the actor that plays Draper). Meanwhile, actresses Christina Hendricks and January Jones are smoking (not literally). Quick aside, please don’t let January host SNL again. LOP is gleeful to see John Slattery in another successful show. Land of Punt has been a fan of his since he starred on Ed.


They are not only some of the best shows on television but they are comfortable, comforting and a comfort. CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, NCIS, and NCIS: Los Angeles not only dominate the ratings but they dominate our DVR. Nothing beats a well-crafted procedural crime drama and no one does them better than the Tiffany Network’s plethora of initialisms.


Every now and then a quirky little show comes along that captures our imagination. Currently, Fox’s musical dramedy Glee is that show. Glee gets a lot of attention because of the singing and dancing but if you took away the musical numbers, this would be one of the best pure dramas on television. It’s Shakespeare meets Gossip Girl meets Bones. And before we move on, everything Jane Lynch says is funny. Everything!


It’s television for people too cool and/or too arrogant to watch “normal” television. Sure those people say they love Entourage and Weeds but they really watch Numb3rs and The Big Bang Theory. All kidding aside, HBO and Showtime produce some of television’s best shows. They give creators an outlet to explore issues unsuitable for broadcast or cable networks. And they give television fans an alternative to the rash of formulaic shows littering the people’s airways.


Forget the smarmy and snarky 30 Rock, Two And A Half Men is television’s best comedy (and most watched). The unabashed sitcom is never apologetic, never sentimental, never delicate, and always funny. The show saved Charlie Sheen’s career, Jon Cryer is a comedic genius, and Angus T. Jones is the most powerful 16-year old in Hollywood. However, the funniest person on the show is Conchata Ferrell. She plays the housekeeper Berta. Every week we listen closely for the phrase that names the episode. When we hear it we laugh like school girls.


Hubba. Hubba.


Land of Punt isn’t talking about WGN or TBS, we are talking about the likes of the Food Network, HGTV, Discovery, TLC, The Travel Network, ESPN, or The History Channel. Just about every major subject, genre, or activity has it’s own network. And every television watcher has their own specialty network. In fact, they’re are so many specialty networks they could be used as a personalty test. What specialty network are you?


Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) have some of the best chemistry on television. The sexual tension between those two is palatable, you can cut it with a condom. Think Sam and Diana solving crimes and living in New York. The ABC show is funny, sweet, and has great ancillary characters. By the way, I should never live in a world where there isn’t a Fillion vehicle on television.


Sadly they are the only major news network that can lay claim to being fair and balance. They address stories and ask questions no one else will (ACORN, Van Jones, healthcare reform bills, etc…) and cover events and newsmakers unbiasedly (Tea Parties, Sarah Palin, etc…). They also have the best anchors, the best reporters, the best sets, and the best graphics around. Plus Neil Cavuto is dreamy.

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