Taylor Swift Entering Greeting Card Profession

Country music sensation Taylor Swift is entering the greeting card profession.

The 2009 Country Music Association entertainer of the year has inked a deal with American Greetings Corp.

In a statement, Swift described the opportunity to compose greeting cards as “a wonderful experience” which is an euphuism for “me gots to get paid.”

Terms of the deal were not announced but Land of Punt believes the contract began, “On these special occasions we are reminded…”

The 19-year-old Swift will “oversee” a line of cards, gift wrap, stationery, online greetings, and other related products.

To LOP, the term “oversee” sounds like the least possible amount of energy one can expend while still exerting enough creative control to keep one’s soul.

American Greetings CEO Zev Weiss says Swift’s talents as a storyteller and songwriter make her a natural for the card biz.

That may be true, but be careful Taylor. We’ve seen our fair share of stars get eaten up by the lurid world of greetings cards. These poor souls get chewed up and spit out and before they know it they’re writing fortune cookies for scraps of food and dungy cot.

The aforementioned statement also said that Swift said she “has always been fascinated by feelings and how people express them.”

Oh honey, you’ve got to look these statements before they’re released. That line made you sound like Jessica Simpson. You’re better than that.

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