Red Eye’s Bill Schulz Falls For Phishing Email (VIDEO)

Red Eye’s Bill Schulz falls for phishing email.

Schulz’s tragic ignorance was revealed on the Thursday edition of Fox News Channel’s seminal late night gabfest, and on of Land of Punt’s favorite television programs, Red Eye.

The story was brilliantly set-up by Red Eye’s own Greg Gutfeld. He’s a host.

Gutfeld’s introduction was terrific and turned what could have been nothing more than a “roll your eyes” moment into a genuine guffaw generating gala.

The indelible incident was probably the pinnacle of Red Eye’s week.

Apparently the phishing email sent to Schulz was riddled with misspellings and grammatical errors. He’s gullibility was further enhanced by viewing the spam on his Blackberry.

In the United States, businesses lose an estimated 2 billion from phishing email. Microsoft believes that number is too high and cites the modest figure of $60 million.

Internet security provider Symantec, recently released a report stating that the month of November saw an increase of 17% in phishing emails, social networking sites and online forums.

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