Taylor Swift Lights Up Another Drab Saturday Night Live

Taylor Swift lights up another drab Saturday Night Live.

To save you from reading the entire article, Kanye West did not make a guest appearance. He was not on the show and SNL did not impersonate him.

The country music sensation wasn’t the greatest host the weekly 90-minute comedy program has seen in its 35 seasons but she was no where near its worst. Swift showed a modicum of comedic timing, spoke clearly, and exhibited decent acting abilities.

Her performance definitely avoided being called an embarrassment.

If only the writing had been better the show may have actually been entertaining. As it was, Saturday Night Live, even with Taylor Swift as its guest host, was inconsistent at best and worthy of only a few forced chortles.

However, with her SNL performance also became the second youngest person to simultaneously host and be the musical guest. Swift is 19. Britney Spears was 18 when she did the double.

The show began with an awful sketch spoofing Fox News’ election coverage. They tried to paint Fox News with a Republican slant but with the exception of the great Karl Rove, SNL spoofed FNC’s democratic anchors and pundits. Besides Fox isn’t necessarily GOP-oriented, it’s more geared towards conservatives. However, Jason Sudeikis did give us a fairly decent Glenn Beck impersonation.

Thankfully Swift’s monologue featured no interruption by Kanye (either real or impersonated). It would have been far too obvious (even for SNL). Instead Swift sang a song about hosting the show. It was witty and cute.

Taylor Swift’s Monologue

Following a forgettable commercial about a barbeque pork restaurant that gives its patrons swine fever (not to be confused with swine flu), Swift portrayed Kate Gosselin in a rather mean sketch about The View.

The SNL digital short looked great but it wasn’t that great of a Twilight parody. It was a bit too obvious and not at all very funny. However, Swift did do a pretty good Kristen Stewart. We enjoyed her constantly brushing her hair behind her ear lobe. Andy Samberg appearing as a mummy was rather droll too… maybe the parody wasn’t as bad as we first thought?

Swift played herself in the obligatory “interview sketch.” Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig played over-the-top reporters from what we can only assume is a fictional show, “Hollywood Dish.”

After a commercial break, Swift played a braces wearing teenager warning us about parents and their bad driving. The sketch wasn’t half bad. Swift nailed the typical teenage girl character.

Next, Swift performed “You Belong To Me.” We have to say she looked better than she sounded.

After the news, Swift played the foil to Wiig’s Penelope. Swift showed some range as this character was a little older and more mature than her other roles on the show and yes that includes Gosselin.

Next, Swift dressed up like male thug for another overdrawn and rambling McIntosh (Kenan Thompson) sketch. It was too long, unfunny and banal–none of which were the fault of Swift. The only thing that saved it was Hader cracking up near the sketch’s conclusion.

Taylor Swift In Twlight Parody

In a sketch obviously inspired by a writer’s real-life girlfriend, Swift played one half of two over-friendly female roommates as they unintentionally tortured a date. Swift character was named Anna. We must admit that the bit where “Anna” called from her bedroom was rather funny.

After more adverts, Swift performed her second song, “Untouchable.” It wasn’t bad.

The final sketch of the evening featured a fake commercial for the fake soundtrack to fake film “Bunny Business.” The fictional movie is about bunnies going to work at an office building dress in suits.

Several famous singers were spoofed: Randy Newman, Natalie Merchant, and Jennifer Hudson just to name a few. Swift did a masterful impersonation of Shakira.

Saturday Night Live has done 1001 of these types of sketches but we still enjoy them. Thanks to the bunnies, this was our favorite part of the show.

Taylor Swift as Shakira

All that was left was to say good night.

Maybe our expectations were low, but Land of Punt really appreciated Swift’s effort. She’s a very talent performer whether it’s in a comedy sketch or singing with a band.

Swift actually did better hosting than some actors who possess far more experience in front of a camera.

She also looked stunning (even with braces).

This is far from Swift’s first acting job. Last season, Swift appeared on CSI.

Amy Poehler made a guest appearance during the Weekend Update.

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