Robert Wagner Slated To Play Anthony DiNozzo’s Father On NCIS

Robert Wagner is slated to play Anthony DiNozzo’s father on NCIS.

Tony DiNozzo is portrayed by the dreamy Michael Weatherly and NCIS is the most watched show in America.

The former Hart to Hart star will play Daddy DiNozzo in the 150th episode of NCIS scheduled to air in January.

Wagner was seen last season in a story arc on CBS’ number one comedy, Two And A Half Men.

Incidentally, Weatherly portrayed Wagner in the 2004 TV movie The Mystery of Natalie Wood.

This is a stroke of casting genius. Not only does Wagner and Weatherly look like father and son, but they should have wonderfully chemistry.

Additionally, both actors have great comedic timing as well as the ability to pull of more dramatic moments.

Wagner isn’t the first distinguished actor to play the father of NCIS character. Michael Nouri played Ziva’s father and Ralph Waite played Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ dad.

Timothy McGee’s parents have not appeared on the show.

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