LOP Updates: Glee Sings National Anthem, Southland On TNT, White Collar Gets Better

LOP Updates: Glee sings National Anthem, Southland on TNT, and White Collar gets better.

Land of Punt has added the video of the cast of Glee singing the National Anthem. They performed the Star Spangled Banner before Game 3 of the World Series. Surprise, the game aired on Fox.

TNT has officially picked up Southland. Details of the acquisition have been added to a previous article about the show getting the axe from NBC.

LOP added to their review of White Collar after seeing the second episode. Also, the show lost and gained a cast member.

Glee To Perform National Anthem At World Series

‘Southland’ Cancelled By NBC Before Its Second Season Premiere

White Collar, Another Solid USA Network Show

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