Halloween Costumes: Be Your Favorite Television Character Cheap & Easy

Here’s some Halloween costumes ideas that will allow you to be your favorite television character cheap and easy.

After all, Land of Punt doesn’t like Halloween. We’re not partial to the frights, the chills and the entire scariness of the holiday.

We especially don’t like dressing up for Halloween. Most costumes make us feel self conscious and ridiculous. They are generally hot and uncomfortable and made doubly so if makeup is necessary. And let’s not forget that most costumes are incredibly expensive.

While it may seem fun, dressing up for the holiday can be quite restrictive. For instance, say you’re driving home from a Halloween party in your full zombie costume and you suddenly realize that you’re out of coffee creamer. Do you risk embarrassment and enter the grocery store dressed like the walking dead? Or do you waste half you evening going home and changing into something more supermarket-appropriate?

It’s a problem we encounter almost every year.

However, some times you just can’t get out of dressing up. Some Halloweens you’re invited to a costume ball that you must attend (i.e. spouse or wife makes you go). What do you wear when that happens?

Well, Land of Punt has complied a list of easy and inexpensive costumes. These outfits are completely suitable for making runs to the supermarket or just sitting in chair. Basically, wearing one of these costumes won’t make you feel like a total idiot.

What’s even better, these costumes allow you to be your favorite television character. That’s infinitely better than other cheap costume ideas like wearing one sock and going as “man with one sock” or putting a sticky note on your chest and going as “bulletin board person,” or going hatless and saying you’re “woman who had hat stolen.”

Try one of these costume ideas and you’re sure to have a respectful and tolerable Halloween.


Mad Men

What to wear: An old suit, preferably something your deceased grandfather or great uncle once wore. Ask your Gogo, she’s probably has at least one of your pop-pop’s suits in the back of her closet, hopefully a Devore. If you’re not opposed to spending a few bucks you can purchase a suit at a thrift store. Once you throw the suit on, slick the hair back, and you’re ready to go.

Comfort Rating: Low. You have to wear a suit, tie and dress shoes. If you’d rather not dress like you’re going to church, or to a Dick Haymes concert, you might want to skip this costume altogether.

Recognition Factor: Low. However when you tell people who you are they will be impressed. Mad Men is the New Yorker of television.

Upside: You get to smoke and act like a male chauvinist pig. Those were the days.


Frank Rossitano from 30 Rock

What to wear: A trucker hat with a saying on the crown, we suggest either “Halloween Costume,” “Land of Punt,” or “Mutant Diary Farmer,” and big black rimmed glasses. Don’t be afraid to knock the lenses out of a cheap pair of black sunglasses. Other that it’s jeans and an old t-shirt. You can even let yourself go. This is a great costume for those with long, scraggly, black hair and a three-day old beard.

Comfort Rating: High. Unless hats and glasses bother you.

Recognition Factor: High. People will recognize you instantly and say “I love 30 Rock” (and unlike Man Men, they’ve actually seen this show) but they will call you Lutz, Toofer, or Hornberger.

Upside: Remove the hat and glasses and you stop becoming a dork in a Halloween costume and return to being just a dork.



What to wear: Just about every character in Glee is a possibility. Each one wears normal clothes and yet wears them in such a way that they are highly recognizable. Results may vary, and depending on what’s in your closet, and what you look like, you could be anything from a Mercedes to an Artie.

We chose Sue Sylvester, Rachel Berry, and Will Schuester. For Sylvester, you’ll need a track suit. For Berry, you’ll need a mid-thigh skirt, those ultra sexy knee high socks (we can say that, the actress who plays Rachel is 23) and a cardigan. Mr. Schuester is all about tweeds, jeans, and vests. Don’t forget the satchel, the brown paper sack, and the thermos. Acafellas here we come.

Comfort Rating: High. Unless of course you go as Kurt after he’s had a slushy bath.

Recognition Factor: Medium. Higher if you can dance and sing. “Cuz if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it..”

Upside: You’ll be living out our your Glee fantasy.


Former Unit Chief Aaron “Hotch” Hotchner from Criminal Minds

What to wear: To be a Mad Men you needed an old, Rat Pack-ish suit. To be “Hotch” you’ll need an ordinary, boring, dark suit, think insurance salesmen with a gun. You went to your Grampy’s closet for Mad Men, for Hotchner you’ll need to go to your dad’s wardrobe, or worse yet, your own closet. You’ll also need to make a FBI lanyard. Don’t do too good of a job on this prop or you’ll get arrested for impersonating an FBI agent. Finally, dye your hair black and refrain from smiling.

Comfort Rating: Medium. It all depends on the suit and whether or not you elect to take the costume all the way and pack a glock.

Recognition Factor: Low. However, unlike Frank from 30 Rock and Mad Men, people actually watch Criminal Minds.

Upside: Since you’re not supposed to smile when playing FBI Agent Aaron Hotcher, this is perfect if you’re in a bad mood. Say you’re in a bad mood because you have to dress up and attend a stupid Halloween party. Remove the fake FBI lanyard and you’re just a dude wearing a suit.


Dr. House

What to wear: A sports jacket, causal men’s shirt or a rock t-shirt (layers), sneakers and a cane. The cane is key. You must have a simple candy-cane shaped wooden cane and walk with a limp. This costume is perfect for skinny, tall men. It’s especially perfect for a British man that can speak with an American accent.

Comfort Rating: Off the charts.

Recognition Factor: Medium. If you look anything at all like Hugh Laurie, it’s off the charts.

Upside: Popping Vicodin and knowing that you’ve probably seen Miranda Richardson naked.


Jim Halpert, The Office; Jethro Gibbs, NCIS; or Emily Prentiss, Criminal Minds

What to wear: This costume involves the use of modeling putty, you can get it at a Halloween store, theater make-up store or on-line. Use the putty to make a prosthetic nose that mimics the schnauze of either Halpert, Gibbs or Prentiss. These three characters all have recognizable proboscis as well as super-easy-to-duplicate attire.

Comfort Rating: High. Minus the fact that you have to wear a prosthetic nose.

Recognition Factor: Low. Especially if you don’t nail the characters’ look (Gibbs must wear a black windbreaker!)

Upside: Just remove the modeling putty (as well as Gibbs’ or Prentiss’ lanyard) and you’re no longer in a ridiculous Halloween costume.



Shawn and/or Gus from Pysch

What to wear: Great idea if you’re part of a pair of interracial best friends. The white dude should dress like they went on an Old Navy shopping spree (bright colors) and the black dude should dress like he went on a shopping spree at Sears (belt it). Don’t forget the pineapples! Also, if you’re playing Shawn make sure you have crunchy hair.

Comfort Rating: High.

Recognition Factor: Low. Almost zero if you’re just a white guy or just a black guy, or just two white guys, or just two black guys, or one of you is Asian.

Upside: Eat the pineapples and you immediately look like dudes prowling for chicks at an Applebees.


Brenda Leigh Johnson from The Closer

What to wear: You’ll need three things: 1) a shirt, blouse, and sweater combo of the pastel persuasion with a cute pair of Ann Taylor pumps. 2) A large oversized black handbag. 3) Chocolates or other assorted treats. Great costume idea if you’re an abnormally skinny 40-something woman, you can speak with a southern accent, or you’re married to Kevin Bacon.

Comfort Rating: High.

Recognition Factor: Depends. Goes up if you’re an attractive blonde goes exponentially down if you look like Provenza or Flynn.

Upside: Away from the party you’re just a hot MILF.

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