Taylor Swift To Host SNL, Will Kanye West Make Appearance?

Taylor Swift is scheduled to host Saturday Night Live on Nov. 7 and rumors abound that Kanye West will make an appearance.

It’s being reported that SNL producers are diligently working to ensure a cameo from West. Blogger extraordinaire Perez Hilton has sources confirming that West will indeed show up for the Nov. 7 episode. However, there has been no official announcement.

In September, at the highly “venerated” MTV Video Music Awards, West interrupted Swift’s acceptance speech to proclaim that Beyonce should have won Best Female Video (by the way, West was 100% correct).

The boorish intrusion vilified West and helped Taylor Swift sell concert tickets… a bunch of concert tickets.

It appears that once again Swift is being upstaged by West. After all, her appearance on SNL seems to be more about “Will Kanye show up?” instead of “What will Swift do?” Fortunately, Swift doesn’t feel that way. She’s tremendously excited about her opportunity to host SNL.

“I’ve been thinking about skit ideas for a long time,” said Swift. “There are definitely some hilarious things that have happened to me over the past couple of months that I think will be pretty substantial skits.”

Land of Punt doesn’t expect to see West on the Nov. 7 episode of SNL. West gains nothing by making an appearance.

Spoofing the incident won’t improve the opinions of his detractors. And it will only serve to lose him more “street cred” for what his fans will see as appeasing a white country singer.

Besides, LOP believes West is off “rehabilitating” his image and is physically and logistically unable to leave the clinic appear.

Instead, we predict Kenan Thompson will portray West and interrupt Swift’s monologue. That premise is painfully obvious and completely unimaginative which makes it perfectly suited for an SNL sketch.


As you can read, Land of Punt enjoys deriding Saturday Night Live, but Swift loves the 90-minute sketch-comedy show and is looking forward to appearing in a SNL digital short.

“Of course I’ve been such a fan for a long time, but I’ve gone back and re-watched everything over the past couple of months and digital shorts would be so much fun to do, because they’ve been done so well. Andy Samberg is hilarious,” lied Swift.

We believe Swift is lying because if she had seen a SNL Digital Short she would know that Andy Samberg is anything but hilarious.

Land of Punt predicts that the Swift episode will be the most watched SNL of the season. We base this prediction on the mere fact that Swift sells.

Recently, the 19 year-old singer sold out 15 U.S. shows for her 2010 Fearless World Tour faster than it takes Saturday Night Live to run a joke into a ground.

The fastest four shows to go were in the New York area. Other cities that recently received new Taylor Swift tickets are Philadelphia, Dallas, Detroit and Kansas City.

Swift is the biggest selling artist of 2008. Not even old enough to buy alcohol, she has sold more than 10 million albums and 20 million paid downloads worldwide. She’s had five No. 1 singles on the country charts and two consecutive No. 1 songs on the pop charts.

“I love being around people who I feel have a different kind of creative genius,” Swift exclaimed. “And the funny genius is definitely a fascinating one to be around.”

It’s too bad Swift won’t be around any of those types of people when she hosts SNL on Nov. 7.


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