Castle Picked Up By ABC

Castle has been picked up by ABC for a full second season.

Hallelujah! There is a God! Jump for Joy! NBC still sucks!

Castle features novelist Richard Castle teaming up with the gruff but lovable Kate Beckett to solve murders. Yes, the premise sounds ridiculous but it’s not an issue when you watch this witty and charming show.

Castle and Beckett have tons of chemistry and their sexual tension is quite captivating. Det. Javier Esposito and Det. Kevin Ryan are wonderful ancillary characters. Castle’s mother, Martha Rodgers, is hilarious and his daughter Alexis may be the most beautiful person on network television (besides David Krumholtz of course).

Heat Wave, Castle’s latest novel, is partly available on-line at ABC’s website. To read the full text one must purchase the book which is published by Hyperion.

The show’s debut garnered a nice 11.6 million viewers but since then their numbers have fallen to around 9 and 10 million. Hopefully, with a full 22-episode season, those numbers will stop declining and start climbing.

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