How I Met Your Mother: It Was The Best Night Ever

On Monday night’s How I Met Your Mother, Marshall created a picture montage set to music and uploaded it to a website called It Was The Best Night Ever.

Because you’re too lazy to click through or do a Google search and because Land of Punt is too lazy to come up with a better blog idea, we have included the website’s text as well as the music video (featuring an original song) found at the aforementioned link. However, you should visit the site (if you can muster up the energy) as the photos and the captions are quite cute. The site is but one page.

It will be interesting to see if CBS comes out with a show called “It Was The Best Night Ever.” After all, they already own the domain name.

The song was heard in the episode but the video was not seen. The fact that Barney and Robin were in the video contradicts the events in the episode. It’s an incongruity we can’t overlooked. Needless to say we are very upset with the producers of the show.

Playing with Marshall is Nuno Bettencourt from the hard rock band Extreme. He’s never sounded better. The style of this video spoofs Extreme’s video to “More Than Words.”

Enjoy the video, it’s rather droll. And don’t sleep on the Gouda!

Hey Barney and Robin, it’s Marshall. You may remember me from being the co-host of the most awesome couples night of all time. Seriously, from charades to Barney’s fake escape attempt, it was just such a blast. I really can’t put into words how much fun we had, but maybe a little music will help.



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