Why Is President Obama Featured In A Promo For George Lopez Show?

U.S. President Barack Obama is featured in a promotional advertisement for the George Lopez’s new late night talk show. The :30 promo has been airing frequently during the Major League Baseball playoffs on TBS.

It is quite curious. Even though the President’s lines are a little vague, it does appear as if he’s actually promoting Lopez’s new late night talk show. If that’s true, it begs the question, is it prudent to have the leader of the free world pimping a cable show?

The video doesn’t appear to be a mash-up (meaning video of the President speaking to someone else was used, with the help of special effects, with video of Lopez). In fact, judging by the above picture, it appears they were in the same room.

Assuming that’s true, that means the President actually took time out of his day to record a promo a for a comedian.

Now, there is a graphic on the video that says “...from the ’08 campaign.” Does that line mean the scene was recorded in ’08 or does it mean that the action taking place in the promo happened in 2008?

Land of Punt thinks if the producers of the promo wanted to convey that the video was shot in ’08 they would have said as clearly as possible.

Now, the earliest mention we can find of Lopez’s late night show is March 24, 2009. The 2008 Presidential election occurred on Nov. 4.

It’s conceivable that Lopez and TBS had plans to launch a late night talk show before Obama was elected President, but it seems rather unlikely. If we are wrong and everything was solidified by Nov. 4, it seems improbable that a promotion video would be recorded nearly a year in advance of the show’s actual debut.

As you can see we are hedging towards a question and that question is when did President Obama record this promo for the George Lopez Show?

If it was before the election, than Lopez and TBS are doing him a disservice by airing it. It belittles the office of the President of the United States and makes him appear foolish. The President appears foolish because he’s standing next to a fool by the name of George Lopez.

If the promo was shot after the election than serious concerns are raised about the decision making process of the President and competency his administration.

Why is the President taking time out of his busy day and putting his reputation on the line for a cable program that won’t last as long as Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid.

Even for a spotlight craving President, that the website Bombastic Sports calls Celebrity In Chief, this seems gregarious and politically gauche. It just not the presidential thing to do. The office is too important to be used to promote television shows.

Also, can TBS cut back on the Lopez stuff? We get it, he’s going to host a talk show.


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