Psych: All Opening Credit Sequences (Video)

Land of Punt has complied all the opening credit sequences to everyone’s favorite fake psychic show, Psych.

The theme song is a dying breed as more and more shows eschew the generally campy opening montage for more generally campy content.

Fortunately, USA Network’s delightful and wildly amusing Psych still employs the antiquated device. And not only do they utilize the frothy goodness of a title sequence (industry term), but they utilize it to its fullest.

The Psych theme song is the ultra-catchy “I Know You Know” by the Friendly Indians, that’s the band belonging to series creator Steve Franks.

In the first two seasons, Psych employed a shortened version of the song. In select episodes in seasons three and four the song was deliciously extended.

There have been a few remixes. In season 2 and 3 the song was Christmas-ized. Below is the holly jolly holiday version from season 2. Also in season 2, the song was sung in Spanish for the episode “Lights, Camera, Homicidio.”

However, the best two versions (so far) are a Bollywood version sung in Hindi and an a cappella version performed by Boys II Men. They appeared in the respective episodes “Bollywood Homicide” and “High Top Fade Out.”

If any more versions come down the pike, you can rest assure Land of Punt will have them here.

Click through for video of all the Psych opening credit sequences.

1st Season

2nd Season

3rd Season

3rd Season Extended

4th Season

4th Season Extended

Spanish Version

Christmas Version

Bollywood Version

Boys II Men Version

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