Criminal Minds Spin-Off Is On It’s Way

First CBS gave us NCIS.

Then they decided to have Neil Patrick Harris host every awards show on the “Eye.”


Then they gave us NCIS: Los Angeles.

They they routed Dan Rather in court.

Now CBS is once again making our hearts swoon. Coming next season to the Tiffany, a Criminal Minds spin-off.

Land of Punt was hoping Emily Prentiss would be cloned and featured in the new Crim but the spin-off will have an entirely different team.

This new team will be part of a Criminal Minds episode this spring. Sounds similar to what NCIS did for NCIS:LA.

Certainly the new team will have similarities to the current team. Why mess with a winning formula. However, it will be interesting to see if they create another “Reed.”

While Reed is a strong character, it’s clear that he’s more of a story telling device than anything else. He’s puprose is to fill in the blanks for the audience. Without him, a Crim-like show could be hard to follow.

Of course if they did away with the quote at the beginning and the end of the show we wouldn’t mind. Really, we wouldn’t care… Not one bit. Please!

Executive producers Ed Bernero and Chris Mundy will create the new series. Mundy will pen the script.

A Crim spin has been in the works since 2008, but the “Eye” put it on the back burner, an interruption if you will, to focus on NCIS: Los Angeles.

By the way, Crim’s season debut won the night with 15.8 million viewers and its best rating ever in the highly sought after 18-to-49 demographic.

LOP’s PVR is already set. We can’t wait.


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