Saturday Night Live Cast Member Drops F-Bomb

An “F-Bomb” was dropped on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live.

When we heard the news we immediately thought someone said “Fallon.” But after further investigation we realized a cast member actually said the mother of all dirty words live from New York.


Brand new cast member Jenny Slate uttered the forbidden expletive during a sketch called “Biker Chick Chat.”

Wow, SNL spoofing a talk-show they almost never do that!

Throughout the sketch Slate frequently uttered the pretend f-words “frickin’ ” and “friggin.’ “As soon as she let the real thing go, she puffed her cheeks as a countenance of career-ending fear washed over her face.

SNL boss Lorne Michaels stood up for both his foul-mouth actress and his wilting show. He said Slate should be spared because she’s a rookie and he doesn’t want the première of the show’s 35th season to be remembered for one word.

Michaels is right, the premiere, which starred Megan Fox and U2, will be remembered for one word—unfunny.

While it’s heartwarming for Michaels to stick up for his actress, he’s probably leaping for joy that his old, bloated, tedious comedy show is actually being talked about.

However, who would have thought that a show with Megan Fox would be known for someone other than her saying something stupid.

The most famous utterance of the F-word occurred in 1981 and came out of the mouth of Charles Rocket.

Because Slate waited until 12:40 a.m. to talk like a sailor, she probably won’t face disciplinary action from the FCC.


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