Kiss Korner Coming To A Walmart Store Near You


Land of Punt no longer has to go to multiple stores to buy coffee, laundry detergent, motor oil, and a KISS T-Shirt.

Starting Oct. 6 Walmart stores will have a “Kiss Korner” in their electronics departments and Halloween aisles. These areas will offer KISS fans KISS apparel, KISS wigs, KISS Makeup, KISS M&M kandies and KISS Mr. Potato Heads.


“To complement this highly-anticipated music release, we are excited to bring a unique store experience with KISS merchandise at an unbeatable value for fans of all ages,” said Greg Hall, vice president of Walmart’s media services.

The Walmart press release was quite “komical.” All the “c” words were spelled with a “K” like “Kollectibles,” “Korner,” “Kommunity,” “Katalog,” and “Khaki.”

“It has been both fun and an honor to work with the band and celebrate with fans the new music release and album tour,” continued Hall.

The album Hall speaks of is Sonic Boom—KISS’ first new album in nearly a dozen years. Sonic Boom is part of a three-disc kollection that features a re-recorded greatest hits “KD” and a DVD of the band performing live in Argentina.

This entire kit-and-kaboodle retails for an easy to digest $12. Fans can pre-order the package online at

The DVD features footage of the band from their KISS ALIVE 35 South American tour. On Sept. 25, KISS launches the North America leg of that tour at Detroit’s Cobo Arena. KISS concerts will also be held in Boston, New York, Tampa and Seattle just to name a few.

LOP in no way believes KISS is satanic or evil. The most destructive world view they ever championed was partying all night.

When they flourished in the 1970’s the band’s dark and sinister characteristics appealed to angst ridden teens. Marginalized and frustrated youths found solace in the band’s references to the occult.

Certainly KISS’ makeup, fire breathing and blood drooling were abhorred by a large swath of parents. Many adults, if not outright frightened by KISS, were at least disgusted.

Now, three and half decades later, those kids who once rebelled by listening to KISS are now parents and grandparents. Never would they have dreamt that something as controversial as KISS would eventually be sold alongside the most banal of domestic accouterments.

KISS was a band once marketed to those attracted to the dangerous and the illicit. Now they’re wares are now taking up valuable shelf space at retailer that is the exact antithesis of subversive, Walmart.

Nothing’s wrong with KISS, KISS’ fans or Walmart. It’s just interesting that what was once foreboding is now anodyne.


KISS Sonic Boom CD/DVD package – $12
KISS T-shirts – $5
KISS Mr. Potato Head kollectibles (The Demon, The Spaceman,The Catman and The Starchild) – $10
KISS fleece blanket – $10
KISS M&M candies (7 oz. bags – Limited Edition) – $6
KISS catalog CDs such as Dress to Kill, Destroyer, Love Gun and Very Best of KISS – $5 to $9
KISS makeup kits, masks and wigs (select Walmart stores*) – $5

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