Wilco On CBS' Sunday Morning

Wilco, mainly Jeff Tweedy, was featured on the long running CBS news magazine show, Sunday Morning, this past Sunday, Aug. 24.

Tweedy was interviewed by CBS correspondent Cynthia Bowers and the story’s angle was how Wilco is finally starting to get the attention they deserve after 15 years of obscurity. Sadly, the term “cult following” was bandied about.

Wilco was recently featured on CBS' Sunday Morning.

Wilco was recently featured on CBS' Sunday Morning.

“I brag to about 20 of my closet friends [please, like you have 20 close friends] that I was going to be doing a story on Wilco,” said Bowers. “Ten people said ‘Oh my god, you’re so lucky.’ The other ten said ‘what’s a wilco?'”

Tweedy laughed and actually acknowledged that 10 out of 20 is pretty good. He’s right. If Bowers had gotten her ratio correct it would have been 19 people that never heard of Wilco while the lone fan would have kidnapped Bowers’ dog and held it for the ransom of getting to be in the same room as Tweedy so they could genuflect to his supreme magnificence.

Bowers also spoke with a hack from Rolling Stone magazine who praised Tweedy by comparing him to Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Those familiar with Wilco welcomed the comparison. Hopefully those in the dark about the singer-songwriter assume it’s hyperbole.

Speaking of Tweedy, he looked like a cross between Dylan and a mugshot of a drunk celebrity. He also seemed resigned, at least comfortable, with his band’s lack of success.

When Bowers asked has Wilco ever had what the music industry had considered a hit, Tweedy responded with, “No… wait a minute. We haven’t even had what the non-musical industry would considered a hit.”

Wilco (The Album) is the band's fastest selling album.

Wilco (The Album) is the band's fastest selling album to date. According to the package, it debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard Charts.

Bowers then reels off the fact that Wilco’s eight albums have sold four million copies in 15 years. Land of Punt is uncertain why she would embarrass the band with their awful sales figures especially when artists like Taylor Swift and the Black Eyes Peas sold four million units in the time it’s taken you to read this article.

The package also featured clips of Wilco on stage, footage from their DVD’s, and shots of Tweedy at home in Chicago with his family.

Seeing Tweedy jam with his sons was welcomed site. It was nice to see the domestic side of a big talent. It’s not something you see very often, of course a lot in the music business don’t even have a domestic side.

It remains to be seen if this is the start of Wilco’s ascension to the top of the music industry or the zenith of their popularity. Regardless, it’s nice to see Tweedy and the band featured on one of the “Big 3.”

We predict that the Tweedy who really makes it big is his eldest son. That kid seems to have the musical talent and the personality necessary to be a big time rock and roll star.

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