District 9… District 9… District 9…

Every time a television presenter introduces District 9 they mention it’s a low budget film. If District 9 is low budget than Hollywood has morals. Apparently, low budget is a relative term.

District 9 proves that you don’t need an obscene amount of money or bloated A-list celebrities to make a great movie. All you need is a good story, solid characters and intelligence.


Directed by Neil Blomkamp, District 9 tells the story of aliens who have landed on Earth and then forced to live in shantytowns in Johannesburg, South Africa. An evil multinational corporation (is there any other kind) is charged with maintaining the aliens welfare but all they care about is their weaponry. However, these guns can’t go boom unless they’re in the hands of the aliens or “prawns.”

A low-level bureaucrat, Wikus van der Merw, played by Sharlto Copley, becomes the film’s hero after he’s infected by alien DNA (a very Star Trek like device).

Silly? Far fetched? Too far out there? Whatever. District 9 is the best movie Land of Punt has seen all year.

Sure the plot is ridiculous (the U.S. military isn’t anywhere to be found) and there are a few action-film cliches, but the story is told so well that it’s very easy to suspend your disbelief. It evokes emotion as the bad guys get their comeuppance and the “prawns” float to safety.

It moves quickly, it moves logically (for the most part) and it moves you.

One of LOP's favorite part of the film is everytime the aliens numbers increased as the movie progressed.

While the movie was set in Johannesburg we believe it was filmed in Detroit Michigan.

This movie puts all other summer blockbusters to shame. This is the type of movie Hollywood and its technology should be making instead of the schlock it currently spews; we’re talking about X-men Origins, Terminator, Transformers, G.I. Joe and yes, even Star Trek.

This science fiction masterpiece is based on the 60,000 real-life inhabitants of “District Six” who in 1966 were relocated by South Africa’s Apartheid government. The victims were forcibly moved from Cape Town to an area called Cape Flats, 25 kilometers away.

The aliens, which are the only redeeming characters in the flick, are just human enough to invoke sympathy but alien enough to be… well, aliens. Also, they look perfect. LOP couldn’t tell if they were CGI or puppets or both.

Meanwhile, the visual of the alien spaceship hovering over Johannesburg was eerie and very effective. All the effects in the movie were extremely well done.


District 9 contains large quantities of gore, the “F-word” uttered every other second and high levels of disturbing cruelty. Don’t see this movie if you need to wake up early the next morning. It’s very intense and will have your ticker pumping.

The last hour of the movie never stops and contains several bouts of gunplay. Is this your standard action movie fare? Yes, you could make that argument, but there’s enough creativity and imagination to put a new spin on the tired old Hollywood shootout.

Copley does a great job portraying a man facing the ultimate irony–turning into the creatures he was supposed to expel. Don’t expect a swashbuckler though, Copley is a reluctant hero.

Fans of science fiction and action genres will greatly enjoy this film. If you’re not a fan, this may bring you into the fold. If want a relaxing cinematic experience or you have an aversion to uncomfortable images and realistic truculence, stay far away.

If for some reason you accidently happen to miss the movie do not fret. There will be a District 10.

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