Wilco Is Number One

You love them. Land of Punt loves them. Their mothers love them. Now the charts love them as well. Okay, it’s a not a real music chart, but Wilco has a number one single nonetheless.

“You Never Know, from Wilco (The Album) has reach number one (the ranking) on the Adult Album Alternative chart or “Triple A.” As far as LOP can tell, this is the first time the band has reached the top spot on any chart, of any kind, anywhere in the world.

Wilco (The Album) was recorded in Neil Finn's recording studio (Roundhead studios) in Auckland, New Zealand.

Wilco (The Album) was recorded in Neil Finn\’s recording studio (Roundhead studios) in Auckland, New Zealand.

Adult Album Alternative is the chart that tracks the listening habits of people still young enough to buy music but too old to actually define trends. You know they type, they have just enough time between work and kids to be faintly aware of what’s happening in the music world but are too busy to actually learn the names of the song titles and read the linear notes.

Wilco has placed a song on the Triple-A singles chart before. It was all the way back in 1997. “Outtasite (Outta Mind)” from their 1996’s album Being There skyrocketed all the way to number 16.

This is great news for a band that hitherto couldn’t sell a record if it cured cancer.

In other Wilco news, the band’s first three albums, A.M., Being There and Summerteeth, will be reissued on vinyl.

Summerteeth will be available starting August 25th. In September, their label Nonesuch will released Being There, followed by A.M. in late October.

With your purchase, you not only get the album on a vinyl disc, but you also get the album on CD and the album via free downloadable MP3’s.

Currently, the band is in the middle of a European tour. They will be across the pond throughout the month of August.

According to their website, they will take the month of September off before playing a string of shows in October (all in North America).

As it stands now, Wilco Chicago tickets for October 19th, will be your last chance to see the band before they return to the Old World. Wilco has several dates scheduled for Europe in November.

Perusing their set lists from recent shows, it looks like the band has been opening with Wilco (The Song) from their latest LP. That song, with its chant of “Wilco will love you, baby” seems like an appropriate show-opener.

The band tends to finish their sets with either “I’m A Wheel” (from A Ghost is Born) or “Hoodoo Voodoo” (from Mermaid Avenue).

Other songs you’ll probably hear if you have Wilco tickets include “Sonny Feeling,” “Black Bull Nova” and “One Wing,” all from Wilco (The Album).

Recently, the band has been playing “Heavy Metal Drummer,” “I’m Trying to Break Your Heart” (both from Yankee Hotel Foxtrot), and “A Shot in the Arm” (from Summerteeth) at most of their shows.

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