Pearl Jam’s Backspacer: Internet Scavenger Hunt

Pearl Jam is doing something quite unique to promote their upcoming ninth studio album, Backspacer.

The Seattle grunge band commissioned artist Tom Tomorrow (he’s good but we prefer Yanni Yesterday) to create nine works of art that when assembled form the cover of the band’s forthcoming album (scheduled to drop on September 20th). These images are now part of an online scavenger hunt.

Pearl Jam's new album, Backspacer, is set to drop on September 20th.

Pearl Jam currently consists of Jeff Ament, Stone Gossard, Mike McCready, Eddie Vedder and Matt Cameron. Since their debut album, released in 1991, the band has sold more than 60 million albums worldwide.

These nine works of art have been scattered all over the internet and are just begging to be found. Once all nine are located, the resourceful fan will have access to a free download (sorry, no Pearl Jam concert tickets). Not the greatest reward for such a time-consuming endeavor but what are you going to do?

“The artwork collaboration between Tom Tomorrow and the band for this album is so compelling, we felt like it deserved its own online gallery showcase,” said Tim Bierman, the manager of Pearl Jam’s Ten Club.

It’s actually pretty easy. One you find one of the nine images (they are all in plain sight on their respective websites) click on it and it will appear in a grid located on the official Backspacer website. Your browser, with cookies enabled and the proper Flash program, will keep track of all the images you find. So there’s no need for expensive tapes or messy glues.

This is what the webpage looks like after finding just three images.  When you find the others they are automatically added to the grid.

This is what the webpage looks like after finding just three images. When you find an image it’s automatically added to the grid. We think it’s magic.

Be warned! Every time you log on to the aforementioned site the band’s latest single, “Fixer,” starts blasting. It’s very annoying.

If you’d rather not scour the internet, Land of Punt has listed the ten sites hosting the images below (two sites have the same image). Some of the links involve additional clicking so you’ll still have to do a little scavenging and/or hunting. We recommend doing a search for “Pearl Jam” on Wired.

If that’s too demanding, and you don’t care about the download, you can click on the above image of Pearl Jam and see Tom Tomorrow’s work in its entirety. Or you can just go to Wikipedia and look up Backspacer (but what fun is that?).

The day after Backspacer is released, the band will hit the road for some select dates in America. The band’s itinerary has them starting in Seattle on September 21st and ending in Philadelphia on October 20th.

If you want to catch the band in the States before that you can get Pearl Jam Chicago tickets for August 23rd and the 24th or Pearl Jam San Francisco tickets for August 28th. The band will also be performing a few dates in Europe in early August.

Target is the album’s exclusive “mass retail partner” (that would make a good name for a band). You can also order the album at the Ten Club. The album is produced by Brendan O’Brien.

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