Katies Holmes on SYTYCD Vs. Judy Garland in Summer Stock

Last Night on So You Think You Can Dance, Katie Holmes entertained America with her gift of song and dance.

Wife to Cruise and mother of Suri performed “Get Happy” like Judy Garland did in the 1950 film Summer Stock (her last for MGM). Holmes number was replete with the tuxedo jacket, black fedora, black nylons and gay backup dancers.

The performance was in support of her Dizzy Feet Foundation–a charity she setup that either promotes dance in schools or glue sniffing, we can’t figure out which. Holmes appearance was also part of SYTYCD’s 100th episode celebration.

Katie Holmes recently danced on SYTYCD.  The video was on YouTube but twice it was removed.

Katie Holmes recently danced on SYTYCD. The video was on YouTube but twice it was removed.

She actually did a fairly decent job. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t a train wreck either like we hoped for. Maybe with some training, rehearsing and a different husband, Holmes could do this full time on the Great White Way.

However, it was a odd seeing her sing dance in high definition to a high fidelity soundtrack with state-of-the-art backup dances. It seemed almost unnatural and out of place (especially for a FOX show).

Actors used to do this stuff all time but now it seems like an anachronism. Still, Land of Punt would not complain if the old fashioned song and dance made a comeback.

Next to Garland, Holmes’ performance is lackluster and rather banal. Then again, comparing Holmes to a icon like Garland is completely unfair, especially if you compare the two vocally.

It should be worth noting that when Garland did “Get Happy” she was had just lost 15 pounds. The studio gave her two months off to sober up and get her head on straight. The “Get Happy Number” was the last scene shot for the movie.

Garland’s number was choreographed by Charlie Walters. Summer Stock also starred the incomparable Gene Kelly.

It’s interesting that all the male dancers in Holmes’ number are shorter than her while all the male dances in Garland’s number are taller than her. Coincidence or conspiracy, you decide!

Also, we love calling songs “numbers.” There aren’t enough “numbers” anymore. Performers need to do more “numbers.”


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