So You Think You Know So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYK SYTYCD)

So You Think You Can Dance is a reality show that airs on the FOX Network. It’s a lot like American Idol but instead of finding the next vapid, fame-obsessed singer the show finds the next vapid, fame-obsessed dancer.

Of course you’d expect this show to be similar to American Idol they were both created by Simon Fuller.

The show garners high ratings and is generally one of the summer’s most watched programs. So You Think You Can Dance is in its fifth season with a sixth scheduled to begin this fall.

The final 20 for the fifth season of So You Think You Can Dance.

The final 20 for the fifth season of So You Think You Can Dance.

British beauty Cat Deely is the show’s presenter and the dancers are judged by Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy (perhaps the three most British sounding names of all time). Lythgoe, along with Fuller, created the show and serves as one of the program’s executive producers.

The show holds American Idol-like auditions all across the country and encourages dancers of all styles (as long as they aren’t ugly) to try out. Ballroom, hip hop, jazz, street, contemporary, tap, ballet, the producers don’t care as long as you “can bring it” and have no shame.

You’ve seen the show, you’ve been to the website, you’ve read countless magazines articles about the contestants and you’ve sifted through Lythgoe’s garbage, but how much do you really known about So You Think You Can Dance?

Below are some facts about America’s favorite summertime interactive reality game show-dance off.

So You Think You Can Dance is often abbreviated as SYTYCD. It would have saved Land of Punt a lot of time had we known that going in. We thought it was some hip word all the cool kids used nowadays.

Starting September 20th in Manchester, New Hampshire, the SYTYCD finalists will embark on a tour of North America. You’ll be able to see Ade, Kayla, Janette, Brandon and all your other favorite dancers in cities like Boston, Toronto, Houston, and Los Angeles. The tour is scheduled to conclude on November 11th in Everett, Washington. So You Think You Can Dance tickets go on sale July 25th.

SYTYCD has been nominated for five 2009 Emmy Awards. In its history the show has be honored with 11 nominations and 3 awards. The noms are mainly for choreography (what else) which begs the question who won this award ten years ago when there wasn’t any dancing on television?

For the last two years SYTYCD has captured the Emmy Award for choreography beating out both ABC’s Dancing With the Stars and CBS’ Criminal Minds.

Cat Deeley hosts So You Think You Can Dance.

Cat Deeley hosts So You Think You Can Dance. Prior to coming to America, Cat hosted a very popular children’s programme in the U.K.

The 100th episode of SYTYCD airs tonight.

“Who would’ve thought?” said Lythgoe in an extensive and thorough interview earlier this week.

The century mark in episodes is quite a feat for a summer replacement show.

The special 100th episode will feature the best routines from all the previous seasons and then 59 minutes of filler. The extravaganza will also feature a pre-recorded performance by Katie Holmes. Mrs. Cruise will be doing an “homage” to Judy Garland by re-enacting her performance of “Get Happy.”

LOP smells a train wreck—a beautiful, uncomfortable, awful train wreck.

By the way, our favorite SYTYCD moment of all time was when the dancers were working at the chocolate factory and the conveyor belt carrying the candy kept increasing in speed. This forced all the dancers to furiously shove chocolates into their mouths. That was hilarious.

Speaking of lesbians, Ellen DeGeneres appeared on the show recently as a celebrity judge. Her contribution can be summed up by one of her tweets: “I’m the guest judge on “So You Think You Can Dance” this Wednesday night on Fox. Someone’s gotta show ‘em how its done on the streets!”

Don’t quit the day job Ellen.

Paula Abdul is currently in contract negotiations with FOX to renew her role as an American Idol judge. However, if FOX and Abdul can’t come to terms, Lythgoe would be more than happy to welcome Paula and her dealer to SYTYCD.

“We would certainly consider [Abdul as] a guest judge. Without question,” Lythgoe told the Daily News.

Abdul would be a perfect fit for SYTYCD. After all Abdul can actually dance.

A must have for any exercise enthusiast, the SO You Think You Can Dance fitness DVD's.

A must have for any exercise enthusiast, the So You Think You Can Dance fitness DVD\’s.

Do you have problems getting motivated to exercise? Do you sit around and think, “I could work out if only there was a SYTYCD DVD.”

Put on your leotard and fill up your water bottle because now you can work out to either So You Think You Can Dance: Get Fit: Tone and Groove or So You Think You Can Dance: Get Fit: Cardio and Funk.

When there are two colons in a product’s title you know it has to be good. These videos feature former contestants like Twitch, Katee Sheean, Travis Wall, and Courtney Galliano.

Last Wednesday, FOX decided to air So You Think You Can Dance instead of President Obama’s news conference. While the network was derided for their decision, the White House had already moved the news conference forward an hour so NBC could air America’s Got Talent featuring Meredith Vieira’s interview with Susan Boyle.

Besides there’s not much difference between President Obama and the contestants on SYTYCD, they both care more about being famous than anything else.

So You Think You Can Dance airs Wednesday and Thursday nights on FOX.

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