Rob Thomas Supports New Album with North American Tour

Why is Rob Thomas known as a great songwriter?

Land of Punt isn’t saying he’s a bad songwriter. We’re just unsure why he’s known as a great songwriter.

Grammy award winning Rob Thomas has released two albums as a solo artist and four as a member of the band Matchbox 20.

Grammy award winning Rob Thomas has released two albums as a solo artist and four as a member of the band Matchbox 20.

The Songwriters Hall of Fame honored Thomas with its “Starlight Award”—given to songwriters that despite being young have already impacted the music industry.

In a L.A. Times review of his latest album, Cradlesongs, Mikael Wood compares his songwriting to that of Michael Jackson saying Thomas’ music “appeal[s] to all of the people all of the time.”

Rolling Stone associate editor Brian Hiatt had this to say about Thomas and his songwriting: “His music is adult-leaning, and he knows who he is and seems comfortable with it. The ’80s were big on middle-aged mainstream pop artists; maybe (he) can be that for a new generation.”

How did a guy whose most famous song, “Smooth” (which isn’t even “his” song it’s Carols Santana’s), become known as his generation’s greatest songwriter?

We believe there’s a phenomenon that exists in the entertainment business, especially the music industry, which enables a performer to receive a favorable label even though they didn’t earn it. The label sticks because it’s not that farfetched and if it was challenged it would only serve to denigrate the institutions challenging it.

For instance, Matchbox 20, the band Thomas fronts when he’s not doing solo projects, is booked on a radio show. That radio show needs a way to described Matchbox 20. The band comes up with “Thomas is a great songwriter.”

The radio show may agree or disagree with this assessment but they aren’t going to say he’s a mediocre songwriter because then their radio show looks bad for booking a band with a mediocre songwriter.

But if the radio show goes along with “Thomas is a great songwriter” then they just booked a great songwriter and then both parties win.

When it’s all said and done, music fans hear the radio show proclaim “Thomas is a great songwriter” and alas that is how he’s known.

Cradlesong was released on June 30th, 2009.

Cradlesong was released on June 30th, 2009.

Land of Punt isn’t saying Thomas is awful, after all for our scenario to work the artist in question needs a smattering of talent. So while LOP finds his music pedestrian and homogeneous, a lot of people do not. The Matchbox frontman has sold millions of albums and bunch of Rob Thomas tickets.

We’re just saying he’s not a great songwriter. In fact we actually think he’s a much better vocalist than a composer.

The aforementioned album Cradlesong, released June 30th, debuted at #3 and sold 133,000 units in its first week. It’s also received positive reviews from critics.

This fall, Thomas embarks on a North American tour in support of the album. The excursion, his second as a solo artist, kicks off September 23rd in Hollywood and is scheduled to conclude November 12th in New York. In between Thomas will visit cities like Orlando, Las Vegas, Toronto and Boston.

Also released at the end of June, “Rob Thomas: Something to Be Tour – Live at Red Rocks”—a highly rated concert DVD of his June 2006 performance at the historic venue.

For Thomas fans, the summer of 2009 is like Christmas morning. For those who are not Thomas fans, the summer of 2009 it’s like Christmas dinner with the in-laws.

Ultimately, the fault is not Thomas’ but those who used him on his way to glory. While we don’t understand his reputation as a “great songwriter” we also realize that Land of Punt didn’t even blanche when The Rolling Stones labeled themselves the greatest rock band of all-time or Michael Jackson anointed himself the King of Pop.

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