The Hangover (The Movie) Is… Just Okay

The Hangover was released on the same day as Land of the Lost. Faced with a tough choice, Land of Punt chose to screen LotL and then screen The Hangover the following weekend.

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Leaving the theater, LOP felt we erred and that feeling was reinforced when we saw the box office receipts. However, now that we’ve has seen The Hangover we realize our initial choice wasn’t all that bad.

The Hangover, which opened June 5th, features Zacj Galifianakis (left), Bradley Cooper (center), and Ed Helms (left).

The Hangover, which opened June 5th, features Zack Galifianakis (left), Bradley Cooper (center), and Ed Helms (left).

Yes, The Hangover is better, it’s a little funnier, and has a nice excitement to it. While the movie is being hailed as the best comedy of the year, Land of Punt found it average.

When the movie decided to be clever it was decent but too often it relied on raunchy humor and rankled characters. After a character screams (swears) in distress five times it stops being funny. The movie’s single punchline was exasperation.

The film’s three stars are quite serviceable. Bradley Cooper (the dreamy one) oscillates between being a douche bag and being likable. Ed Helms (Andy from The Office) shows that he’s a bona fide comedic “everyman.” And Zach Galifianakis (the gentlemen with the beard) was the movie’s lone source of humanity.

Rob Riggle (in the trailer he’s the actor who proclaims, “in the face) was the funniest character in the movie, well, besides the tiger. Mike Tyson seemed sedated–actually chemically sedated. Jeffery Tambour’s role was woefully too small.

Ed Helms (center) noted that working on the Hangover was the most physically demanding role of his career.  It certainly wasn't the most intellectually demanding.

Ed Helms (center) noted that working on The Hangover was physically demanding. Which is good because watching The Hangover certainly isn't intellectually demanding.

Amazingly, Heather Graham played a prostitute. What a surprise. Then again, when you’re the most overrated actor of all-time you relish the opportunity to portray harlots, tramps, and tarts. The sum of Graham’s worth is she’s pretty (in some circles). She’s such an awful actress who has trouble playing coma victims. She’s a disgrace not only to her profession, but to her sex, her country, her race and her species. If there’s one actress whose body of work is a candidate to be wiped off the face of the Earth and erased from humanity’s memory, it’s Graham’s.

In one of the movie’s most offensive development, Helms character marries Graham’s character (who has a child out of wedlock) and then terminates his relationship with the only character in the movie with a strong moral fiber, Melissa, played by the effervescent Rachael Harris.

At the end of the movie, the three aforementioned leads have to buy the release of their friend “Doug,” played by Justin Bartha, from the offensive Asian gay man stereotype, played by Dr. Ken Jeong.

Galifianakis is one of the film's bright spots but the scene involving the infant were irresponsible and morally objectionable.

Galifianakis is one of the film's bright spots but his scenes involving the infant were irresponsible and morally objectionable.

Of course the man they think is their Doug, he’s wearing a bag over his head, is actually Mike Epps. Here is where the movie lost us. Mike Epps is bigger than Cooper, Helms and Galifianakis (combined), but Bartha is smaller than Cooper, Helms and Galifianakis. It’s unbelievable that the characters wouldn’t have noticed the size difference.

Also, every five minutes the movie plays Flo Rida, “Right Round.” If you want to prevent this song from worming it’s way into your brain avoid this movie.

Ultimately, The Hangover is a fairly predictable, stereotypical comedy. It lazily depends on jokes about bodily fluids, carnal acts and shouting the “F” word. Not only that but it glorifies licentious behavior, drug use, and drinking booze. Still, it has fine pacing and it’s really, really bright (you could read by this movie). If you’re looking for a flick where you can check your brain at the door, and chuckle once or twice, this is it.

The Hangover is okay.


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