WWE: The Must Attend Event Of the Summer

The WWE is in the Land of Punt.

Before you scoff, no other entertainment entity is more synonymous with fun than the WWE. Seeing the WWE is simply a no-holds-barred good time.


Besides their television shows, the WWE is constantly on the road delighting fans with their showmanship and athletic prowess.

For those who have bought and used WWE tickets, you know what LOP is talking about. For the uninitiated let us try to explain the allure of professional wrestling’s greatest promotion.

There are two types of WWE events, television tapings and house shows.

The television tapings, whether in Orlando for Raw, Richmond for Smackdown or in Philadelphia for a pay-per-view, is where the “plot” moves forward.

During these shows, championship belts change waists, alliances are formed, backs are stabbed and wrestlers make dramatic returns or debuts. Here is when, especially at pay-per-view events, you can expect legends to be born and historic moments to occur. And if you’re lucky, you might wind up on television.

A house show is just plain wrestling. No television cameras, no backstage antics, no gigantic set, no “tune in next week,” just pure unadulterated grappling.

John Cena (left) and Batista (right) are two of the WWE's biggest Superstars.

John Cena (left) and Batista (right) are two of the WWE\’s biggest Superstars.

Minus extenuating circumstances (i.e. a wrestler is going to leave for a rival promotion or the company wants a performer gone), nothing major ever happens at house show. However, the wrestlers, no longer under the pressure of starring in a television show, are free to interact with the crowd which is, after all, what these behemoths do best.

It may come as a surprise but these wrestlers are fabulous performers and they reveal their talents to entertain at the house shows. Whether they’re in Salisbury or Wildwood, these muscle glad sports-entertainment superstars generally wrestle better at the free flowing house shows than at the tightly controlled televised events.

Also, you see identical or similar matches to that of major pay-per-view events. It’s customary for wrestlers to prepare for those big matches by facing off against one another at house shows.

This summer you can catch the WWE performing house shows in cities like Saginaw, Moline, Reno, San Diego, Newark and White Plains. These shows are a great introduction to the excitement and pageantry that is the WWE.

For some unknown reason, the WWE employs a bevy of buxom beauties.  These female wrestlers are called Divas and for mysterious reason they are immensely popular.

For some unknown reason, the WWE employs a bevy of buxom beauties. These female wrestlers are called Divas and mysteriously they are immensely popular.

The company is also hosting a slew of pay-per-view events. The Bash is scheduled for June 28th in Sacramento, Night of Champions is scheduled for July 26th in Philadelphia, and SummerSlam is scheduled for August 23rd in Los Angeles.

If you had to choose between seeing a television-taping or a house show, do yourself a favor and see one of each. Especially since the company’s stable of Superstars (that’s what the WWE calls their wrestlers) are divided between the Raw brand, the Smackdown brand and the ECW brand.

Depending on which show you attend, you’re likely to see either the Raw Superstars or the Smackdown and ECW Superstars. There are some events where all three brands perform.

Don’t worry if you don’t follow the WWE on television. Your ignorance won’t detract from the thrill of seeing the promotion live. Beside it’s wrestling not Shakespeare, you’ll figure it out.

RAW SUPERSTARS As of June 12th, 2009
Beth Phoenix
Big Show
Brie Bella
Chavo Guerrero
Cody Rhodes
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Jamie Noble
Jerry Lawler
John Cena
Kelly Kelly
Kofi Kingston
Lilian Garcia
Matt Hardy
Michael Cole
Mickie James
Montel Vontavious Porter
Mr. McMahon
Nikki Bella
Randy Orton
Rosa Mendes
Santino Marella
Shawn Michaels
Sim Snuka
Ted DiBiase
The Brian Kendrick
The Miz
Triple H
William Regal

Alicia Fox
Charlie Haas
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Curt Hawkins
Dolph Ziggler
Gail Kim
Jeff Hardy
Jim Ross
Jimmy Wang Yang
John Morrison
Justin Roberts
Kung Fu Naki
Michelle McCool
Mike Knox
Ranjin Singh
Rey Mysterio
Ricky Ortiz
Shelton Benjamin
The Great Khali
Theodore Long
Todd Grisham

David Hart Smith
DJ Gabriel
Evan Bourne
Ezekiel Jackson
Gregory Helms
Jack Swagger
Josh Mathews
Katie Lea Burchill
Mark Henry
Matt Striker
Paul Burchill
Tommy Dreamer
Tony Atlas
Tony Chimel
Tyson Kidd
Vladimir Kozlov
Zack Ryder

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