Jerry Seinfeld: The Master On Tour Again

Jerry Seinfeld is in the Land of Punt.

Not just for his television show but for his stand-up act. All hyperbole aside, Seinfeld is the greatest stand-up comedian of his generation and perhaps the greatest comics of all-time.

Jerry Seinfeld\'s four levels of comedy: make your friends laugh, make strangers laugh, get paid to make strangers laugh, and make people talk like you because it\'s so much fun

Jerry Seinfeld's our levels of comedy: make your friends laugh, make strangers laugh, get paid to make strangers laugh, and make people talk like you because it's so much fun

Fortunately for fans, Seinfeld isn’t resting on the laurels (or the residual checks) of his seminal sitcom, but instead he’s constantly hitting the road to perform his stand-up act. And thanks to the number of shows he performs, Jerry Seinfeld concert tickets are as plentiful as Seinfeld reruns are in syndication.

What’s amazing about Seinfeld’s act is the observational humor he employs is a dime a dozen in the stand-up world. Yet, his delivery, his command and his timing make him the caviar of comedy (or if you prefer the fish eggs of funny).

For example, if you have Jerry Seinfeld Las Vegas tickets you’d be guaranteed to witness a true Master at work or as the Spanish would say, a true Maestro at work. Seinfeld’s not just a comedian slinging jokes, but a craftsman slinging jokes.


While some comedians deliver their set like rock stars, Seinfeld delivers his routine like a virtuoso violinist performing a comedy concerto. He utilizes tempo, timbre, dissonance and volume—everything a violinist would use except Seinfeld doesn’t have to hold anything between his chin and shoulder.

Seinfeld is every bit of an artist as a painter or a sculptor, but instead of using watercolors or clay, he uses set-ups, punch lines and the occasional simile.

While on the stage, Seinfeld is so near perfect one might suspect he’s a comic robot. Of course we know he’s not a machine because if science fiction has taught us anything it’s robots are incapable of humor.


Seinfeld may sometimes come across as arrogant or indifferent, but in order to make us laugh he needs to be a little blithe. However, despite his flippant attitude Seinfeld never loses sight of his craft. The funny man once said it’s never the audiences fault if a set goes bad, it’s always the comedians.

This wisdom is great insight into the Master’s (or Maestro’s) mind. Seinfeld realizes that it’s the comedian’s role to be funny, not the audience’s job to laugh. It’s this sense of responsibility that makes Seinfeld one of the greatest stand-up comedians of all-time.


LOP could certainly handpick the worst possible audience to attend one of his tour stops. We could fill the crowd with some of world’s most humorless individuals—high school principals, copyright lawyers, Germans, Carlos Mencia, Midnight Oil—and Seinfeld would work as hard as he possible could to make them laugh.

Of course, his audiences are nothing like the horror we just described. They are overflowing with fans ready to burst out in laughter. Even before uttering a single joke, Seinfeld is greeted with a standing ovation. While some of that is for his defunct television show, most in anticipation of getting to watch a true legend in his element.


Comedy fans are truly blessed. Not only is Seinfeld an ubiquitous fixture in television syndication, but the Master (or Maestro) himself still tickles our funny bone by touring.

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