X-Men Origins: Wolverine Spawning More Movies Than You May Think

Less than a week after it slashed through theaters, studio executives have already announced that X-Men Origins: Wolverine is getting a sequel.

But that’s not all.

It's still unclear whether a Deadpool movie is being made to appease fans to appease Ryan Reynolds.

It's still unclear whether a Deadpool movie is being made to appease fans or to appease Ryan Reynolds.

Ryan Reynolds, who was in the film for about two second as Wade Wilson, i.e. “Deadpool,” has been green lighted to play the character in its own movie.

On top of all that, there’s an X-Men Origins: Magneto in the works as well as X-Men: First Class, a movie about the origins of the X-Men (Hollywood loves it some genesis).

It seems like every character in X-Men Origins: Wolverine is getting their own film. Or the success of Wolverine is prompting the studio to go ahead with every X-Men movie they can devise.

However, it appears Deadpool isn’t the only character getting his own movie.

Land of Punt did some research and uncovered several more projects spawned from X-Men Origins: Wolverine that have been green lighted, but until this blog post, kept a secret.

Remember, you heard it hear first.

Chris Bradley (Dominic Monaghan), known as Bolt for his ability to control electricity, will be featured in a movie with a surprise ending. It’s called “X-men: Shocker.”

Thomas Logan (Aaron Jeffery), Wolverine’s real father, will get his own super hero vehicle. Logan finds a potion that allows him to rapidly gain muscles and grow several times his normal size. It’s called “X-Men: Hulk Logan.”

Dr. Carol Frost (Asher Keddie) is going to be the lead character in a romantic comedy where ghosts of the patients she killed during illicit scientific experiments help her search for Mr. Right. The movie is entitled, “X-Men: Sleepless in Tuskegee.”

The bar that saw Wolverine fight Victor Creed is going to be in a movie. The bar will host an annual big stakes MMA tournament strictly for mutants. It’s called “X-Men: Mutant Martial Arts.”

Travis and Heather Hudson, the old couple that took Wolverine in and allowed him to sleep in their barn, are getting their own sitcom. It’s Facts of Life meets X-Men. It’s called “Facts of Mutants.”

Logger #3 will be featured in “X-Men: Axe-Men.”

The motorcycle Wolverine rode in that breath-taking action scene is getting its own movie. It’s called “X-Men Origins: The Motorcycle From X-Men Origins: Wolverine”. It’s a mouthful but the studio thinks people are ready for it.

Ten of the men that were in the building counted diamonds will be part of an ensemble cast whose mutant power is they do everything together. It’s being billed as “X-Men: Men-X.”

Dust, one of the mutants kidnapped by Colonel Stryker, who has the ability to transform her body into a malleable cloud of dust, will be the main character in a movie where she captures mutants who’ve escaped from a prison in Kansas. It’s called “X-Men: Dust In The Wind.”

The Blob is getting his own one-man Broadway show. It’s called “Growing up Blob.”

Kevin Durand played  Fred Dukes, also known as the Blob, in X-men Origin: Wolverin

Kevin Durand plays Fred Dukes, also known as the Blob, in X-men Origin: Wolverine.

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