Little Britain Coming To The Big Screen

Little Britain is in the Land of Punt.

And no, Little Britain is not a neighborhood in Punt like Chinatown, Little Italy or Mini-Angola. It’s a sketch comedy show.

Little Britain originally began as a radio show.  Since, it's appeared on the BBC and HBO.

Little Britain, David Walliams (left) and Matt Lucas, originally began as a radio show.

Little Britain is the brain-child and prosthetic nose of British comedians-actors Matt Lucas and David Walliams. It’s a BBC, and recently HBO, show that features Lucas and Walliams in a myriad of hilarious costumes performing sketches.

Like other British comedies (Monty Python’s Flying Circus in particular), Little Britain’s target audience are intelligent people with strong stomachs.

The duo has just submitted a script for a Little Britain movie to Ben Stiller’s production company, Red Hour. So all Lucas and Walliams have to do now is wait for the proverbial green light (they will also “write the theme tune and sing the theme tune”).

Even if Stiller passes, the movie will still likely be made by the BBC (regardless BCC will be involved with the project).


Reportedly, the Little Britain movie is set in Las Vegas and features the characters of Bubbles DeVere (“Why don’t you take a photo, it’ll last longer?”), Carol Beer (“Computer says no”) and Kenny Craig (“Look into the eyes, not around the eyes”), just to name a few.

According to Walliams, they have also created some new characters but there is confusion as to whether these are for the movie or for another television project.

“We do have some new ideas for characters — a mum feeding her son to make him the fattest boy in America, a psycho American girlfriend, but without the bunnies, a woman who has everything Disney themed, and some annoying Scottish air hostesses,” Walliams told the Sun.


In the meantime, Lucas and Walliams fanatics, like LOP, can savor a new batch of Rock Profile sketches. These gems will premiere on Funny or Die UK on May 11th.

Lucas and Walliams are also writing for their next go around on HBO. Instead of another Little Britain USA series, their new HBO shows might air as specials.

Obviously, their first season on HBO didn’t go so well. Little Britain USA lacked the energy and vitality of its BBC counterpart.

“Oh my God! I sooo can’t believe you just said that!” exclaims Vicky Pollard.

Land of Punt doubts a Little Britain movie will be good, but we will still be there for the first showing (as Andy would say “I want that one”). LOP has low expectations because not even Monty Python could pull off a sketch comedy movie (or Kids in the Hall).


Sadly, (most) Americans don’t get Little Britain. They see breast-feeding as breast feeding and rogue vomiting as rogue vomiting. They don’t look beyond the incontinence or transvestitism to a new paradigm for the comic Diaspora.

That’s why we worry the box office receipts for a Little Britain movie might be worse than Watchmen. Okay not that bad, but still paltry.

That’s a shame because not only are Lucas and Walliams very funny, they are also extremely gifted performers. So even when their comedy doesn’t work (which is rare) you can bask in their acting prowess and marvel over their effortless transformation into another character.

What Land of Punt would really like to see from the boys is another live show (“I want bitty!”). That would definitely endear themselves to American audiences.


Currently, Matt Lucas can be seen on Comedy Central in Krod Mandoon and The Flaming Sword of Fire. To learn more, read Krod Mandoon and The Flaming Sword of Fire Needs David Walliams.

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