Mock Rock Draft

Land of Punt wanted to celebrate the upcoming NFL Draft but we didn’t want to actually hold a mock draft. LOP has a very low opinion of mock drafts and agrees with the opinion held by Bombastic Sports.

Instead, Land of Punt gathered its friend, another mythological land, Atlantis, to conduct a mock Rock and Roll draft.

LOP and Atlantis would cull the sands of time to see who can compile the greatest rock and roll band the world has ever seen. Each imaginary super group will consist of the following: two singers (one male and one female), two guitarists, bassist, drummer, keyboardist, utility performer, composer(s) and producer(s). It’s assumed that the selected artist, whether living or dead, is at their prime.

Land of Punt's 1st round draft choices for greatest rock and roll band.

Land of Punt's 1st round draft choices for greatest rock and roll band.

Each performer can only be selected once for one position. For example, John Lennon couldn’t be selected for composer and then as a singer.

Performers have to be selected for what they’re famous for. An example: you can select Bono as a singer but not as a guitarist—Bono is known as a signer and even though he can play guitar he’s not known as a guitarist. However, you can select Elton John as a singer or as a keyboardist since he’s associated with both disciplines.

Finally, each selection needs some claim to fame. The amount of world class musicians is staggering and with the proliferation of music there are slightly known drummers, guitarist and bassists that rival any of the well-known legends. For this thought-experiment though, performers must possess some level of notoriety that extends beyond the industry (sorry Billy Sheehan).

There is an understanding that the intention of this imaginary super band is to sell albums and concerts tickets not just make great music.

These are the performers Atlantis picked for their super rock band.

These are the performers Atlantis picked for their super rock band.

A coin was flipped to see who goes first and of course Atlantis won. They are so lucky. Atlantis’ first pick was guitarist Jimi Hendrix.

Land of Punt responded by choosing Lennon and McCartney as composer. Atlantis didn’t like this all. Not only did LOP draft the greatest song writing duo of all-time, but by selecting the pair as composers, Atlantis couldn’t select them as singers or guitarists.

Atlantis responded by selecting a keyboard player. We thought that was an odd choice for their second pick until we heard whom they selected, Stevie Wonder. A rather devious selection but under the rules laid out prior to the draft, it was completely acceptable.

We’ll forgo the play-by-play of the draft and just recap the results.

LOP selected Mick Jagger, the greatest front man of all-time and the incomparable Tina Turner. They may not be the greatest singers but they will definitely put on a great show.

Atlantis goes with Bono and Janis Joplin giving them much more range than our duo.

Land of Punt chose Eddie Van Halen and Duane Allman giving us both technical mastery and innovation.

Atlantis went with the aforementioned Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. In terms of pure emotion resonances this pair can’t be touched. Also, both these gentlemen can sing. Already Atlantis is going for versatility.

LOP went with Gene Simmons. An underrated musician, Simmons not only provides great bass lines but he’s also has a tremendous stage presence.

Atlantis went with the exact opposite in terms of on-stage persona, the Who’s stoic bassist John Entwhistle. Apparently, Atlantis wanted someone who could play the bass guitar and the French horn.

Land of Punt drafted Jon Bonham and his right foot. It was either him or Keith Moon, but we decided to go with “Bonzo” and his virtuoso sticks.

Atlantis eschew the power pounding we went with and drafted the master technician and Police drummer Stewart Copeland. It could have been worse, Atlantis could have picked Aaron Copland.

LOP couldn’t resists selecting “The Master of Space And Time,” Leon Russell.

As mentioned previously, Atlantis drafted Stevie Wonder. It’s similar to selecting a bulldozer to dig a hole to plant a begonia but an inspired choice nonetheless.

Utility Performer
The saxophone is a classic rock instrument and Mick Jagger’s voice seems to fit nicely with its sound so Land of Punt drafted Bruce Springsteen’s sax player, the E Street Band’s Clarence Clemons.

In a stroke of either genius or foolishness, Atlantis selected Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull. Besides providing the rock flute, Anderson is yet another singer the Atlantis band has at their disposal (he’s also a guitarist and a harmonica player).

As mentioned before, LOP selected Lennon and McCartney. Enough said.

Atlantis drafted Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. That duo should be able to write some very interesting stuff for this lineup.

LOP chose Brian Eno. Granted he’s a great producer, but he was selected to mainly keep him away from Atlantis and Bono (whom he’s worked with before).

Atlantis selected Rick Rubin. A fine choice, but we think Atlantis picked Rubin because it was the only producer they could remember.

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