Star Trek: Will Abrams New Movie Charm or Chafe?

It appears Land of Punt correctly predicted the movie Watchmen would bomb at the box office (just look to your left). LOP would like to make another prediction and this time it concerns the upcoming Star Trek movie.

No, Land of Punt doesn’t think the new Star Trek movie will bomb (the flick will probably break several box office records). In fact, LOP’s prediction has nothing to do with receipts it has to do with respect.

Land of Punt predicts the new Star Trek movie will infuriate 4 out of 5 Star Trek fans.

Classic versus crass.  Star Trek is sacroscant.

Classic versus crass. To many, including Land of Punt, Star Trek is sacrosanct.

LOP makes this prediction because we’ve been seeing trailers on television marketing the movie as “not your father’s Star Trek” and “forget everything you know.”

Why? My father’s Star Trek was pretty damn awesome and I don’t want to forget anything I know about the original series because those are very fond memories.

Obviously the phrase “not your father’s [blank]” and “forget everything you know” is a cheap trick to market something that’s old to consumers that are young. The hollow phrases also indicate the movie has been “updated.”


Updating a franchise is fine if by updating you mean new actors, better sets, and state-of-the-art special effects.

If by updating you mean Kirk plays Guitar Hero while watching the television show Lost on his PC as Spock drives them both around in his smart car in between sending tweets on his Iphone about recycling, than absolutely not.

Land of Punt is exaggerating with the above example (there’s no way they are going to have the characters do those things), but you get out point. We don’t trust Hollywood, nor do we trust the ego maniacal J.J. Abrams (he’s a film director so ergo he’s an egomaniac), to remain faithful to the spirit of the original source material.

Hollywood seems to think every movie needs to appeal to teenagers. They won’t even blanch to change cannon if they feel it will attract a younger audience.

Movie directors on the other hand tend to think their big ideas can make any bigger idea better. In the process of thinking up ideas they usually just make everything worse. Abrams needs to remember he’s the steward of the franchise not it’s hijacker.


Hollywood may think it’s illogical to remain faithful to the original Star Trek because its fans will come to the movie anyway. So by updating the franchise to appeal to the pimple-face crowd they maximize their profits.

Land of Punt believes you can do both.

However, trailers for this new Star Trek movie reek of a total disregard for the charm and style of the original. Now, Land of Punt doesn’t expect this new movie to look and feel exactly like the original Star Trek television series, and nor should it.

However, the original series still holds up (minus the special effects). It’s still entertaining. It’s still germane. It still resonates. The trailers for the new movie look like they show northing but disdain for original.

Land of Punt thinks a whole lot of Star Trek fans are going to be very unhappy.


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