Jennifer Love Hewitt, Cobie Smulders & Others

Land of Punt has complied a list of female characters, currently on television, that you wouldn’t mind being stuck in a relationship with (from a heterosexual male’s point of view). Yes, we know the word “stuck” implies a relationship is a bad thing but that’s only because it is.

This is a serious compilation and L.O.P. has tried very hard to make this survey cerebral and not carnal. If it was strictly carnal, than it would have included Blake Lively, Minka Kelly and Cassi Davis.

These characters below are women you wouldn’t mind spending extended periods of time with, i.e. cohabitation. This qualification eliminates several well known television characters. Also age is a factor. The characters couldn’t be too young (everyone from Gossip Girl) nor could they be too old (everyone one from Desperate Housewives).

For instance, Olivia Benson from Law and Order: SVU is left out because she carries around far too much emotional baggage. Liz Lemon from 30 Rock fails to make the list because she’s too messy and morally bankrupt. Christine Campbell from The New Adventures of Old Christine was rejected due to being highly unstable and for her lack of cooking and cleaning skills.

Male television characters you wouldn’t mind being stuck in a relationship with is in development.

Female Television Characters You Wouldn’t Mind Being Stuck In A Relationship With.

Actress: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Show: Ghost Whisperer
Pros: Can talk to ghosts, which would be cool at parties. She owns a business.
Cons: The fact that death follows her around like a puppy dog may be a put off for some, as well as her penchant to wear sundresses regardless of season, weather or time of day.

natalieteegerNatalie Teeger
Actress: Traylor Howard
Show: Monk
Pros: Comes from toothpaste money. Can deal blackjack and tend bar. Always has a sanitary wipe handy.
Cons: Gambling addict. She was once dated a leper. After spending all day with Monk and his neuroses she probably won’t tolerate any of your hangups.

robinscherbatskyRobin Scherbatsky
Actress: Cobie Smulders
Show: How I Met Your Mother
Pros: Drinks and smokes. Likes guns, professional wrestling and hockey. Has a cool television job and was once a teenage pop star. Is man enough to toilet paper a laser tag venue.
Cons: She’s Canadian.

fionaFiona Glenanne
Actress: Gabrielle Anwar
Show: Burn Notice
Pros: Good with a gun. Explosive expert. Gets along well with mothers.
Cons: Her job as arms dealer may prove problematic when trying to get a home loan. May try to settle arguments with Taser or small fire arm.

Calleigh Duquesne
Actress: Emily Procter
Show: CSI: Miami
Pros: Always happy, always smiling. Has cool nickname, “Bullet Girl.” Great accent.
Cons: Alcoholic father. Cavorting with her may force you to spend time with Horatio Cane.

Pam Beesly
Actress: Jenna Fischer
Show: The Office (U.S.)
Pros: Can change a flat tire, is good at photo copying and can type 90 words a minute.
Cons: Bad job. Frumpy. Violent ex-fiance. Banned for life from Chili’s. Her annoying boss makes attending work functions dreadful.

melaniebarnettMelanie Barnett
Actress: Tia Mowry
Show: The Game
Pros: Knows a lot about football and can get you great seats (although the teams and league is fictional). Medical student, can not only save your life if needed but write you prescriptions.
Cons: She’s smarter than you.

tamitaylorTami Taylor
Actress: Connie Britton
Show: Friday Night Lights
Pros: Doesn’t mind watching football.
Cons: She’s a high school principle. Prefers the middle-of-nowhere to western civilization. So if you want to move to a cool city like Austin, she probably won’t follow you.

loisgriffinLois Griffin
Actress: Alex Borstein
Show: Family Guy
Pros: Comes from money. Isn’t opposed to getting kinky. Likes heavy metal music. Plays the piano.
Cons: Has battled kleptomania and a gambling addiction. Has unhealthy relationship with family dog. Drawn.

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