NCAA Basketball Tournament: One Shining Moment

Land of Punt enjoys the men’s NCAA basketball tournament but it’s not one of our favorite sporting events.

Even so, L.O.P. will be watching tonight when Michigan State battles North Carolina for the national title.

L.O.P. doesn’t care who wins, we just hope it’s a good game.

What Land of Punt is really looking forward to is the video montage that concludes CBS’ broadcast. Every year, CBS puts together a terrifically edited video sets it to the song “One Shining Moment.” It’s complete cheese, but we love it nonetheless.

Besides singing One Shining Moment, Luther Vandross has sold over twenty-five million albums and won eight Grammy Awards.

Besides singing One Shining Moment, Luther Vandross has sold over twenty-five million albums and won eight Grammy Awards.

David Barrett wrote and recorded the song, but CBS has also used version by Teddy Pendergrass and Luther Vandross. Currently CBS uses Vandross’ version and it’s believed to be his last recording before he suffered a stroked.

Barrett wrote the song after seeing Larry Bird and Magic Johnson squared off in 1979 NCAA Championship game. Initially, CBS was going to the use the song for a montage after Super Bowl XXI in 1987 but the broadcast ran late and the package had to be dropped.

CBS asked Barrett if he could record a version of the song for the NCAA tournament. This involved Barrett changing the lyric of “The ball is kicked,” to “The ball is tipped.” The montage aired in 1987 after Indiana defeated Syracuse and the response was so overwhelming the song has been used ever since.

To bide out time until CBS unveils the next incarnation of “One Shining Moment,” here’s a montage from 2008:


“One Shining Moment has become as synonymous with the NCAAs as first round upsets.” Sports Illustrated

“One Shining Moment is arguably the most famous song in sports.” Wall Street Journal

“…The playing of the anthem ‘One Shining Moment’ has become as integral to the NCAA tournament and national championship as snipping the nets.” USA Today

The song has been featured on CBS’s 2008 coverage of the NCAA Tournament for 22 years.
“…music to stir one’s adrenaline.” New York Times

“One Shining Moment’ is one of the great power ballads of alltime…one last heartfelt goodbye.” Sports Illustrated on Campus

“Every year, at the Final Four, CBS put clips of the championship teams’ performance to the song ‘One Shining Moment’-and shows it to conclude their television broadcast. It’s the national anthem of college basketball, and every kid’s dream to appear in that video.” Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski

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