Steely Dan & Guitar Hero World Tour

Steely Dan is not in the Land of Punt.

They are close to entering, but their passports have not yet been stamped (and probably never will). One, they are far too ugly and two they are a little bit magniloquent.

Steely Dan is Walter Becker (left) and Donald Fagen (right).

Steely Dan is Walter Becker (left) and Donald Fagen (right).

The Dan maybe prohibited from entering the Land of Punt but they are in Guitar Hero World Tour.

Activision will be offering 15 news songs for its omnipresent rhythm game in April and three of those songs will be from Steely Dan: “Bodhisattva,” “Black Friday” and “Kid Charlemagne.”

The entire 15 song collection will cost $5.49 while individual songs will sell for $1.99.

Land of Punt thought it would be a mediocre opportunity to review the four best Steely Dan songs:

#1 My Old School

Legend has it this song was inspired by an experience Fagen and Becker had at their alma mater. In 1969 Bard College helped police organized a raid where Fagen, his girlfriend, Becker and several others were arrested. Chargers were eventually dropped, but Fagen was so upset that he boycotted his own graduation.

“My Old School” can be found on the 1973 album Countdown to Ecstasy.

#2 Reelin’ in the Years

You can find this track on Dan’s 1972 album, Can’t Buy a Thrill. Composed by Fagen & Becker, the original recording features one of the greatest guitar solos of all-time. In fact, guitar legend Jimmy Page called Elliott Randall’s guitar solo on “Reelin’ In The Years,” his favorite solo of all time.

#3 Peg


“Peg” is featured in Dan’s 1977 album Aja. Michael McDonald provides backing vocals, listen for his distinctive voice in the chorus.

De La Soul heavily sampled this song for the 1989 track, “Eye Know.” Jason Mraz currently performs this song during his concerts.

Jay Gradon performed the guitar solo on the album version. He was the eighth, and last, session musician to attempt the solo.

#4 Hey Nineteen


Hey nineteen
Thats retha franklin
She dont remember
The queen of soul
Its hard times befallen
The sole survivors
She thinks Im crazy
But Im just growing old

Hey nineteen
No we got nothing in common
No we cant talk at all
Please take me along
When you slide on down

The cuervo gold
The fine columbian
Make tonight a wonderful thing

From the Steely Dan album Gaucho. McDonald once again sings back-up.

Released in 1980, “Hey Nineteen” is one of the first rock songs to admit that the baby boomers were old.

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