One of The Most Disgusting Commercials of All-Time

The Land of Punt watches a lot of television. This also means Land of Punt watches a lot of commercials. Recently, L.O.P. has noticed a commercial that has been frequently airing during CBS’ coverage of the NCAA tournament.

The commercial is for Axe Dry, a deodorant and antiperspirant. The spot is absolutely, mind numbingly, positively disgusting.

Before continuing, Land of Punt wants to stress, in the strongest possible terms, Axe Dry is an exceptional deodorant. In fact, you will find several Axe products in the cupboards of Land of Punt’s master bathroom. L.O.P. has no problem with Axe products, just this one sordid advert.

The commercial, which you can view below, features a gentleman with “sweat” gushing from his underarms. Immediately, this man’s spraying armpits makes you think of water, after all it looks like water from a fountain. However, one must keep in mind it’s not water but sweat.

Obviously, sweat is comprised mostly of water, but it’s also comprised of a bevy of minerals: sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, copper, iron, chromium, nickel and lead.

Sweat is also comprised of urea. Urea is a waste product found in urine.


Granted there’s only a trace amount of urea in sweat, but that’s certainly enough to persuade any sane person that it’s best to avoid the perspiration of others. After all Punt is an either/or type of Land, a liquid either has urea in it or it doesn’t. There’s no middle ground.

In this commercial not only does the man’s gushing underarms douse his cohorts with sweat, but they seem to gleefully accept the drenching. One character suffers through a sousing while eating a sandwich.

Land of Punt invites you to view the spot and judge for yourself: is it one of the most disgusting commercials you’ve ever seen?


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