David Caruso and CSI: Miami

CSI: Miami is the greatest form of television. It’s comfortable, consistent, concise and completely unchallenging.

It doesn’t move television forward, it hasn’t reinvented drama, but when you want to watch television and forget about the world for 44 minutes, it’s there for you, like an old friend or a cat.

Despite Land of Punt’s backhanded compliment, CSI Miami is quite a successful show. It’s been on since 2002 and the show’s ratings have finished in the top ten six of its seven seasons.

CSI: Miami is the only show in the CSI franchise to have produced episodes featuring characters from both CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and CSI: NY.

Surprisingly, CSI: Miami has been named the world’s most popular TV show. A study, conducted by Informa Telecoms and Media, looked at ratings of 20 countries and found that CSI: Miami’s television ratings routinely landed in the top ten.

Land of Punt’s favorite aspect of the CSI universe is how much time and money is spent on each crime.  Surely the show uses techniques and procedures found in real crime labs.  But our government would have gone bankrupt long ago if every murder was investigated as thoroughly as they are on CSI.

CSI: Miami‘s most enjoyable feature is David Caruso.  His Shatner-like acting skills and his sunglasses are campy fun every Monday night at 10pm.  No one can deliver a pun, put on a pair of shades and then step out of the camera shot like Caruso.  All the while, a dead body is just yards away.


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