Jimmy Fallon and His 10th Late Night Show

Land of Punt reviewed the first Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and noted that the host would need some time to get comfortable and perfect his craft. Two weeks isn’t enough time but L.O.P. wanted to check in on Fallon to see how he’s progressing.

[Land of Punt Note: NBC removed the videos from YouTube. Apparently, the peacock didn’t appreciate the free advertising. Clips of Late Night can be found on their website]

As you can see he’s not doing very well.

The “shared experience” bit was a borderline fiasco. It went nowhere. That wasn’t his fault, the concept was flawed, but Fallon lacks the chops to recover.

The animal segment was abysmal. There were several set-ups for punchlines but Jimmy let them all pass.

And when two celebrities repair an “alleged” squabble, one of them needs to be more famous than Tracey Morgan or Jimmy Fallon, otherwise who cares.

Land of Punt was hoping for some more progress.

In reference to his debut, the reaction was overwhelmingly in the negative although several viewers agreed that Fallon needs seat time.

Several more wanted Land of Punt to upload the entire Fallon-DeNiro interview on Youtube. However Land of Punt did not do that. If you want to see the entire the interview than you can upload it on Youtube.

Here are some of the responses:

“We have to keep in mind that Conan had shoes to fill also…and Conan was not a success overnight. Conan is awesome and a comedic genius and I loved him on Late Night! But give Jimmy a chance, at least a few months. Everyone has to adjust and acclimate themselves on a new job.
If Fallon sucks in 6 months, well, then at least he tried his best at that point.
It will be a love him or hate, same with Dave and Kimmel. To each his own.”


“woot the only thing i loved about this show now is the roots. i feel so bad for jimmy though…he’s gonna have to try real hard to at least attempt to fill conan’s shoes.”


“[Slow Jamming the News] is what Jimmy excels at. Play to your strengths Jimmy. So far, so good. You suck at interviewing? then don’t interview until you are more confident about it.”

“[T]his was a pretty decent first episode…just watched it last night on hulu.
DeNiro was a great choice for a guest, seeing as he almost never does talk shows… and if you can’t appreciate his flicks, well you must be retarded.”

“Jimmy u rock!!!!! “

“[T]his guy was never funny, his movies were even worse than this tripe”

“Fallon is the type of funny guy I can see by just logging onto the internet… It’s honestly not that difficult to make up little childish jokes that give a chuckle…He’s no special person, nothing truly humorous and just plain mediocre.”

“Jimmy’s nervousness on the show is a big reason why I am against them not giving these shows to COMEDIANS.”

Fallon wasnt even good on SNL, and if your support Fallon that is fine, I do not hate the guy. but don’t say something as ridiculous as what you said, that he will be close to or better then [Conan].”

“The skits and jokes are crap. between jokes he tries to be like Conan by interacting with the audience but it doesn’t work. Conans funny cause he is gangly, has a unique look and voice which he exploits with jokes, dancing, etc… Leno (although I don’t think hes funny) has the big chin and black tuft in his hair. it makes him recognizable and he jokes about it. Jimmy doesn’t have anything interesting about him, or at least he hasn’t shown us anything interesting.”

“[Fallon} always laughed during skits at SNL and it would ruin them. Now he’s laughing during interviews. he’s not talented and will never fill Conan’s shoes.”

“Very generous of DeNiro to do this, but Fallon is off to a very bad start laughing at his own jokes. Let the guest(s) make you laugh, or the audience response, but never laugh at things you do or say. That makes you look very amateurish.”


“It’s like watching the Hindenburg crash…”

“This show is gonna canceled in a few weeks, Seriously, who’s bright idea was it to give Jimmy Fallon his own show? The guy has like no charisma or comedic timing for that matter…”

“I miss Conan so much!”

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