1000 Ways To Die

If you’ve watch the cable channel Spike lately you may have noticed ads for a show called “1000 Ways to Die.”

Land of Punt decided to check the show out. After getting over the complete lack of taste for profiting and trivializing the tragic deaths of real people with real families, Land of Punt realized that “1000 Ways To Die” is actually a cheeky little show.

While it won’t find its way onto your DVR, an occasional pop-in might illicit a guffaw or at least a playful disgusted groan.

Each “way to die” is reenacted in a three to four minute segment (the show is a half hour long).  The scenarios range from the fascinating, to the bizarre, to the interesting, and to the eye-brow raising “I don’t think so.”

Each segment begins with a graphic displaying the victim’s name, the year and the location.  The segment concludes with the death’s numerical position and a pert little title.

The show mentions that the names have been changed and certainly the details of deaths have been altered beyond recognition.  However, that doesn’t really matter.  You’re watching “1000 Ways to Die” for the journey not for the destination.

The production values are somewhat on the cheap side, the actors are straight out of dinner theater (or the strip joint) and the vignettes exhibit the usual Spike sensibility, i.e. they take every opportunity to show “T” and “A.”

A baritone announcer keeps everything moving with a slew of puns and innuendos.  In between clips of the thespian like reenactments, experts explain the science behind the odd deaths.

Ultimately, Land of Punt was hoping the show would be less titillating and more scientific.  Sadly, instead having the intelligence of Mythbusters, it has the intelligence of Manswers.

The show concludes with a segment documenting a near-death experience.  The survivor is interview and their situation explained.  The segment is produced with real footage and not reenactments.

“1000 Ways To Die” is okay, not good and not anywhere near great. If you can get over the macabre factor, it’s worthy of an occasional viewing as it can be quite jocund. The segments are the perfect length for the internet and that may be the best place to watch it.

Click here for 1000 Ways To Die website.

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