Taylor Swift On CSI

Taylor Swift has the golden combination. She’s nineteen years old but she looks fourteen. As disgusting as that sounds, in America, that’s money in the bank.

Swift’s million dollar looks recently guest starred on CSI. While her performance was decent, the country music star did manage to sell a million units during the course of the hour long drama (in case you didn’t know, Swift is one of the few artists still able to sell albums).

She had speaking parts in about four scenes and was in the background in several others. She was also in a few extended scenes that didn’t have any dialogue—one had her standing out in the rain soaking wet (her best acting of the program). One of her songs was also featured.

She appeared as both a blond and brunette (sadly, the extent of her range) and as a sweet 15-year old and a rebellious 16-year old making out with her drug dealing boyfriend.

It was an odd CSI to begin with. The episode spanned a year and featured Nick Stokes (George Eads) investigating four crimes at the same motel. The show featured some great time-lapse photography. It also featured a call from Gil Grissom and a mention of Warrick Brown’s death.

What Swift lacks in acting prowess, she makes up for in charisma. The camera loves her.

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