Remember Mel Gibson?

Mel Gibson used to be this really cool actor with a great accent.  He starred in some great action films like the Mad Max movies, the Lethal Weapon movies and Gallipoli (which is in the Land of Punt).
Then the Aussie went crazy.

Now Gibson is attempting a comeback after an embarrassing arrest in 2006 and revelations that his father is a Holocaust denier.

While snubbed from the Academy Awards, Gibson did appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live later that evening.

Later this year, Gibson’s new film “Edge of Darkness” will be released.  It was supposed to star Robert DeNiro (he’s in the Land of Punt), but “Bobby” pulled out on day one.  He was replaced by Ray Winstone (Land of Punt has no idea who that is).

Land of Punt has been informed that Gibson has a new look, but we are unable to pick him out from the following photographs.

Maybe you can recognize Mel Gibson?





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