Another Way To Lose Money On The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl inspires fans to throw Super Bowl parties.  At these shindigs one can usually find lots of chips, lots of beer and lots of gambling.

Besides straight wagering on the game or taking the over/under, the host will often sell squares.

football_squares_To learn more about Super Bowl Squares visit Evite or Ehow.

There’s another game you can play at your Super Bowl party. It’s easy and accessible.  Kids can play it.  Drunks can play it.  Even Dallas Cowboy fans can play it.

Write down several actions that occur in a football game.  For example: a rushing touchdown, a safety, an interception, a field goal.

Cut these actions up and place each individual action in a container (or a hat or an envelope, something that hides the text).  From now on, these pieces of paper will be called actions.

Your guests then pay an agreed upon amount ($.25, $1.00, or $100) for the chance to draw an action.

Those wishing to participate put their money in the pot and draw.

The first draw occurs before kickoff.


The pot is awarded to the person whose action occurs first in the football game.

For example, your aunt has “interception” and your boyfriend has “fumble.”  If on the first play from scrimmage, the quarterback throws an interception, your aunt wins.

The game is played until someone’s action matches the action in the game.

Theoretically, a whole game can pass without a winner or every play can decide a winner.

Once someone wins, collect all the actions and repeat the process.   Depending on what happens in the game, there could be several opportunities to win (or lose) big money.

Football games move quickly and parties can be hectic.  Make sure you have guidelines on how to draw during the game (it’s not good if you’re in the middle of drawing and something important occurs in the game).  Drawing during commercials is a good idea.

Have a short window in which players can draw.

Make sure you have everyone keeps their action a secret during the drawing process.

If two actions occur on the same play, the action that occurs first is the winner.

To increase the number of pots, include frequent actions like punts or 3rd down conversion.

If possible, it’s best to have more actions than participants.


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