Britney’s Great Performances

Britney Spears is a multi-media phenomenon. She’s best experienced with as many senses as possible. That’s why buying a Britney Spears’ album pales in comparison to buying a Britney Spears’ concert ticket.

On stage singing and dancing, with all the accouterments that come with a state-of-the-art concert, Britney Spears is at her best. She is a terrific performer.

Unfortunately, we don’t always have the chance to buy tickets to see Britney Spears perform in Los Angeles or the opportunity to purchase tickets to see Britney Spears perform in Boston.

So until she rolls into our town, we must make do with what we have. Here are five videos featuring Britney Spears that highlight the performance prowess of the pop princess.


The halftime show of Super Bowl XXXV in Tampa, Florida featured Aerosmith, ‘N Sync, Mary J. Blige, Nelly and Britney.  The ensemble performed Aerosmith’s “Walk this Way” but Britney stole the show.

She outshined the boys from ‘N Sync (including Justin Timberlake), buried Bilge (even though she has a much better voice) and as for Nelly, well, he was just plain awful.

Aerosmith, who’s probably seen a hundred Britney’s come and go in their time, was basically Spears’ backup band.  Steven Tyler casts a big shadow on stage, but it didn’t eclipse Britney.

Even though Britney was singing a song ten times better than anything in her own catalog, Britney made it her own.  Meanwhile ‘N Sync (minus Justin) appeared embarrassed to be on the same stage with Aerosmith, Britney oozed confidence.  She was in her element.
At 2003 MTV Video Music Awards, Britney performed with Christina Aguilera and Madonna.

The performance started with Britney and Aguilera singing “Like a Virgin.”  They were later joined by Madonna singing her latest single, “Hollywood.”

While the performance is good, it was known more for the highly publicized kiss between Madge and Britney.

Lip-locking aside, the performance is quintessential Britney.  Even though she is performing alongside one of the all-time greats in Madonna and with a far superior singer in Aguilera, Britney is still the most charismatic personality on stage.

Your eye is immediately drawn to Britney every time she appears on screen (it helps that Madonna’s song is atrocious).  Aguilera, an accomplished performer in her own right, appears stiff and out-of-place next to Britney.

While the performance is mainly Madonna’s, it once again illustrates Britney’s natural ability to steal the show.
Britney joins Michael Jackson for a “live” version of “The Way You Make Me Feel.”

I don’t know the “when,” the “where,” or the occasion of the next video, but judging from the boring stage and the fact I’ve never heard about performance until I began researching this article, leads me to believe it was the Grammy Awards.

Taking the stage with Aerosmith and Madonna is one thing, but taking the stage with the King of Pop is another thing entirely.

Regardless, Britney is better than ever.

Whether she’s singing, or just acting as Jackson’s foil, Britney controls the stage and demands your attention.  She’s effortless, smooth, and captivating.

She’s not only the sexiest person on stage, but next to Jackson, she’s also the most masculine.
Britney can do more than just sing and dance.  She can act too.

Okay, she’s had a bomb in her past (the movie Crossroads) but Britney’s appearance in How I Met Your Mother, reveals the girl has a knack for comedy.

Much better than her 2006 appearance on Will and Grace, Britney, in the middle of her destroying her life, pulled it together and gave a highly entertaining performance as Abby, Stella’s crazy secretary, in two episodes of the fledgling CBS sitcom.

While Britney is nowhere good enough to have her own scripted television vehicle, she does have what it takes to play a convincing, and funny, secondary character.
Not all of Britney’s performances have been great.

To highlight how well Britney can perform, it’s necessary to watch a lowlight.  Case in point, Britney’s performance of “Gimme More” at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards in Las Vegas–one of the worst television performances in the history of pop music.

Don’t take my word for it:

“Britney Spears failed to live up to the moment, shambling through a faltering performance of new single “Gimme More” at the MTV Video Music Awards that was more catastrophe than comeback.” – Catherine Elsworth of

“I saw a tentative, confused-looking girl who could barely muster the energy to mouth along with the backing track, let alone work those stiletto boots.” – Entertainment Weekly.

“What you did was disrespectful to your few remaining fans.  And it was disrespectful to MTV!  You didn’t even try!  Your performance was beyond pathetic.  The old Britney Spears, who was at one point (a long time ago) truly great, would be embarrassed by your lack of professionalism.” – Gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

It’s ironic that the title of the song was “Gimme More,” because as you were watching her perform you really wanted her to “give you less.”

Let’s hope this is the worst performance Britney Spears ever has in Las Vegas.
Womanizer is first single from the Britney’s latest album Circus.

The video for the song gives the impression that Britney is back to performing at her usual high level.  Of course videos can be deceiving.  They can use tricks, like lighting, multiple takes, CG, and other effects to make stars look pulled together when they are really falling apart.

However, there seems to be a gleam in Britney’s eye that wasn’t there in her 2007 MTV performance, a gleam no computer can create.

If Britney is back and performing to her capabilities, get ready for this list to grow.

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